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A printer question okay here?
My HP L/Jet 1100 prints lousily lately. 2 yrs old.
Fuzzy characters and nearly invisible characters if it's
printing from another color.

Pulled the cartridge and cleaned it as well as I could.
Tried different paper, wasn't that. Now I'm told the foam drum roller is worn and needs to be R&R'd.

I have a set of nut drivers and a willing attitude.
Is this fixable in house or time for a tech.

Gott mit uns
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Let me see if I can be any help here. It sounds to me like you have a easy fix, mainly the printer needs to be cleaned.
The foam drum roller you refered to, is also called a transfer roller on older models. These very rarely go bad, however, they do get dirty with toner. Most of them are only held in by a clip on the none gear side. You should be able to reach in and lift it out starting on the none geared side.
Get yourself a can of canned air, remove the foam roller and blow it off. While you got the printer opened up, turn it on its side and blow it out also. Put it all back together and try to print.
If you still have a problem the next thing I would check, is to ensure the beam to drum mirror is clean. I wish I could tell you right where this is located, but I'm not sure on your model. You will just have to look. It will be between you laser unit and the print drum. Most have a cover on them, which is opened durring the print cycle, so look for a covered mirror.

IMAGE FORMATION SUBSYSTEM - The image formation subsystem is the only subsystem that starts with the user. When the user creates a document to be printed and initiates a print job the host computer sends coded instructions of that image to the printer. Interface wiring between the host computer and the printer carries the coded instructions. The interface or logic board translates the ASCII computer code into a bit-mapped image to be printed. The dc controller passes the image a pulse at a time to the scanner. The laser unit emits laser light that corresponds to the image pulses. The scanner projects the laser in a sweeping motion to the beam-to-drum mirror. The toner cartridge drum forms an electrostatic image where the laser strikes its surface; toner within the cartridge adheres to those particular areas. The transfer assembly draws the toner from the drum onto the paper. And finally, the fusing assembly bonds the image to the paper.

Have fun!!!!!

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Had the 1100 looked at by a tech, who found it has a blown
"p/c controller board", the cost of which is high enough to
warrant buying a new one.

Shoulda bought the extended warranty.

Live & loin
Many thanks for your efforts
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Sounds Odd...

I have personally seen about 300 of these printers around my work area and I have never seen one with a blown board, and the ones we have get abused. I would think that if the printer is printing at all, then you can't possibly have a blown board. I would take the previous poster's advice and clean the printer with standard compressed air. Also if this printer feeds multiple pages as all 1100's eventually do, there is a free kit you can order from HP to fix that problem. If you still have the printer and would like to give it a try, reply to this and I'll look up the link when I'm at work and post it for you.
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Thank you, Streaker
A new one is on the way, but the old one will go to our
turn-in guy; to whom I'll give this message.
The 11oo wil find its way to another user here - saved from
doom by the DIY.com website !

Thank you again
Jim Murnane

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