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Hello my good people,

I bought a site from eGO.com some years ago and they have not kept up site. It has wrong info on mailing and phone number. I have tried to contact their web master but he does not respond. This site comes up first on searches and is hurting my youth hostel business as I deal with lots of young people who are ringing out of service number. How can I remove this site if I cannot contact this company. Others in this area have the same problem

Thanks in advance

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Go to a domain registration site and do a search. Try using http://www.registrars.com. Under "Domain Services" click on "Whois Search" and enter the address for the web site. An info screen will come up telling you who the site belongs to and what server it is on. For example my site comes back like this:

The results of your whois search are as follows:

- Whois Information for mastertowing.com :
- Data from: whois.registrars.com

Master Towing Service, Inc.
4263 Worcester Ave
North Port, FL 34287
(PH) 941-423-7778


Administrative Contact:
Street, John (STJO212) [email protected]
4263 Worcester Ave
North Port, FL 34287
(PH) 941-423-7778

Technical Contact:
Street, John (STJO177) [email protected]
4263 Worcester Ave
North Port, FL 34287
(PH) 941-423-7778

Billing Contact:
Street, John (STJO209) [email protected]
4263 Worcester Ave
North Port, FL 34287
(PH) 941-423-7778

Registration Date: 24-Jul-2000 20:33:23
Expiration Date: 24-Jul-2005 20:33:23

Domain servers in listed order:


Next go to the web site for the server. In my case you would go to http://www.hostica.com. Yours will probably be something else. From there you should be able to contact someone to solve your problem. Good luck.
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I am a professional Freelance Web Developer. If you need help updating the existing site or if you want a new site I can provide you with one at a very reasonable price!!!

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Thank you for good info. I'll give it a shot

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If you are going to pay for a site, you might as well pay for a domain name, about $70 for 2 years and put it on a server. My server is $20/month for 500 MB of space and about 10 GB of traffic (I got a killer deal from them).
I am on the verge of exceding that and having to upgrade, but you shouldn't need anything near that.
There are servers that provide about 250 MB and 3 GB of traffic for around $13 month.
If you are the least bit sauvy with the html, you can do some fairly decent webpages and work on them.
There are dozens of webpage design programs out there that are either free or minimal cost, but I don't care for most of them. I use a program called Dreamweaver, that I like.
But that is my personal preferance.
You can even design your webpages in Word and save as a webpage and upload those.
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Hello: chummiser

If you have to pay any fee to maintain the web site, simply stop paying them and they either will find you or drop an inactive site eventually.

Build another new web site and advertise it. You may lose some business from the old site but eventually you'll build back clientele from the new site...

And there you have it..."My Two Cents Worth"...

Regards & Good Luck
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Wink Thanks heaps.One more ?.

Hi again

I set up a domain, got a host, made a site from front page, and stuck it in geocities to see if it works. As soon as my domain forwards to my host/server I will be up and running.

how can I link current search engine results to my new web? The old host is not very helpful so I do not know if he will forward the search links. Does he have any obligations to do this? If not what would a fair price be for the links to be forwarded? There are only two but they do have a good rank.

The old web site was deleted as I requested.( I offered him payment to update my site but he said he did not need the business) The leftover seacrh results (which contain the name of my business) currently go to some big hotels in Tampa.


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