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Hi Computer people, I have a Gateway desk top (950 select) computer. It has window"s me. Had it since march 2001. An i"m a beginner. When i"m an the internet just looking around, An i decide to put in the streets& trips 2001,disc an start looking in there, the computer will disconnect me from the i.s.p. an will start dialin up again to get connected again. I notice it will do it when i have the encarta encyclopedia disc. It might do on the other software but i not sure. I tried disable the antivirus program, no difference. Is there a setting in the computer that i can change to stop it from diiconnecting.

Thank you very much, great website! Gary M.
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Cool strange

Very strange, I cannot think of a single reason why the modem would disconnect when you access the CD. Is this the only time it does this? Could be some type of IRQ problem but don't know where it would be. Get into the device manager from properties in my computer, see if it shows any conflicts on the modem or CD. May be a loose connection? Make sure the modem is well seated. Makes sure cables to the CD are seated properly. Will think some more on it...
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Try using the CD's without being connected to the internet...does the software try an access the internet when you are not connected? Do you use AOL? Another possibility is that your system resources may be low and when you use the CD drive they drop down even farther. You can check your system resource level by right clicking on your "My Computer" icon and choosing "Properties" from the pop-up menu, then click the "Performance" tab at the top. Try doing this before you connect and then again after you are connected. You may have too many programs running in the "background" which causes your resources to be low. If they are below 75% most modems will disconnect. Let me know the results!
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my computer icon (sparkrycars

Dear; Devhead This is sparkeycars, Let:s firsr say i"m a beginner, so be gentle! Yhis is what i got when i looked in the my computer poperties.
Memory----128 m.b.
system resorces----65%
File system----32 bit
vir. mem----32 bit
I don"t know how to adjust anything, I 43 years old an a little slow. I got a c.D. rom from nintendo magazine i put it in, an it dissconnected to. Sometimes you like to be connected to the internet when you have the encarta encyclopedia c.d. in,an be able the go back an fourth (badd speller) Thank you for your help Gary Mc.
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Okay looks like your system resources are your problem. What is the speed of your processor? I am gonna try an walk you through getting those system resources back up to par. Heres what you need to do:
1.)Click the start button located on the bottom left of the screen on your toolbar.
2.)Select Run from your pop-up menu and type "msconfig" in the provided text area and click "OK".
3.)This will bring up your "System Configuration Utility" box, click on the far right tab at the top of the box named "Startup".
4.)This will display all the programs that are in your computers starup directory.
5.)Some of the boxes will have a check mark in them and some will not. Leave those that are not checked alone.
6.)Uncheck all items by clicking on the check marked boxes in the menu except : ScanRegistry, CountrySelection, and DXMPatch_981116. Your computer may not have the DXMPatch_981116 but don't worry if it does not.
7.) After you uncheck all those boxes click "Apply" and then click "OK".
8.)When asked if you want to restart your computer click "Yes". Let the computer reboot.
9.)Once the computer has rebooted go check your system resources level again by using the method explained in the last post.

This should free up your resources. Try getting online and inserting the CD in the drive again. Hopefully this will do the job for you.

P.S. Do not attempt to adjust any other settings in the "System Configuration Utility" other than those in the "Startup" menu because you can get yourself in alot of trouble and could potentially render your computer useless. The method I explained above is safe and proven so you have nothing to worry about if you follow the directions I left. Let me know how things go.

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Don't worry about being a beginner, we were all beginners at one time or another. I know how frustrating these problems can be! Good Luck!!!!!!


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