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My friend, whom I shall refer to as Chloe, recently recieved a new Sony VAIO
system with the XP OS installed. She experiences constant lockups, file
extension changes(from Word Perfect to Notepad), and missing files.

When I went over to check what Chloe was doing, I found out that in her user
screen(she has 5 family members' profiles) that at least two of them were
logged on at once, and left on even when she "Shut Off Computer", as the
icon appeared.

So I mandated the following procedure for her and others in the household to
shutdown her XP hardware:




Of course being that she is a newbie to anything resembling Windows 95 or
later, the exact instructions were more detailed, describing icons and where
to click.

As far as I'm concerned, my Windows eXPerience has been far less than
desirable and quite disappointing, so Windows XP will not be coming to my
PC, or on any future PC I purchase.

End of story.

-Chris Coaster
"..these terms are not open to negotiation or discussion.." - GW Bush a week
after 9/11

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I think user profiles are one of the worst things a person can do to their computer. It causes a flurry of HD activity as anyone who uses profiles knows and scrambles the file system among other things. Odd to me is that user profiles does nothing to arrange multiple users files that a good file system won't do and is no more secure for multiples than for one...Mike
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I don't know. I ran the beta version for two months on an IBM laptop and had almost no problems. However, XP is more Win2k than it is ME. The easiest thing to do is set the computer to automatically log on as a generic user. Having seperate accounts is nice but outside of a business there is not much of a need.

Besides, I have a feeling that the problems might be Sony's as much as Microsoft. You have two giants who both want their standard to be "The Standard."

The bad thing about XP, though, is you can't simply do a reinstall to fix a manufacture's installation mistakes. If you do you have to call Microsoft and explain why you did it and why they should give you another key code to use the software you already paid for. If they don't like your explanation you have a computer but no OS.

Go Linux!!
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I don't think XP is a problem and should run well in most situations. I think XP is no more stable than Win2K which is the best MS has to offer and for the $100 US upgrade MS can keep their XP and the troubles encountered when re-installing. I need no "keys" for something I already own. If it comes to that I will run Linux and Opera...Mike
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Mikejmerritt re: User Profiles

I'm still a greenie at XP even with my exposure to it on Chloe's machine. You mentioned the profiles. Is there a way to disable this step and run the Windows XP computer like a "normal" 9X/NT computer?


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Angry The Microsoft XP Monopoly

One thing that frightens me about XP is that it forces you to register any software you load onto your computer...and for that matter if you have a problem with your computer and want to reformat the hard-drive you have to contact Microsoft to be able to reload to OS on the computer. Is it really any of their business what programs you wish to use on your computer...and wether or not you want to reformat your HD????????? Just another spoke in Microsofts monopoly wheels!!!!

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I havn't spent much time on ME and none on XP but have done a lot of research on both. Chris, I know profiles have to be enabled in the Control Panel as far up as ME and would have to hope XP is the same way. If there is no way to disable profiles in XP I would suggest Chloe clean the profiles except the main one and arrange things so the computer is usable by a number of people. The security part is a joke (just ask some kids!) and unless different from 98se all but the main profile will not hold logon password and auto dial which is a big pain in my opinion. Also, downloaded programs, screensavers, and wallpaper get fouled up moving from profile to profile. Te best thing about profiles IMO is the ability to have a desktop for each user but other than wallpaper and icon arrangement each can have their own folder on the d/top with only one profile. Until file systems are mastered profiles confuse and are hard to use.
What I know about XP and sticks with me is the things I don't like. Programs and printers etc. bought before early 2000 have a one in four chance of running on XP with the driver that comes with them but M$ has 50,000 drivers for common stuff that can be downloaded and cause this old stuff to work. I hear the same things DevHead is saying about the registering of software. It seems that causing a person to have to pop the CD in the rom say every 3-6 months would all but completely stop people loading software on multiple computers and using for any length of time. I will not participate in Micro$ofts software registration problem not because I exchange my software but beacuse I don't have to.....Mike
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Here is an interesting reply to "Should I change to XP?" I found on another board...Author: Vicdabit
Date: 11/3/2001 1:18 am EST Hi......
I just installed win xp.... the windows itself is not bad, but wahhhhhhhhhh, it DOES NOT support half of anything. My printer, gone, zone alarm, gone,My direct CD(rewriteable), gone, my F-drive for getting pics from my digital camera---- poof gone! McAffe's poof! pt's..... etc the list goes on. None of these were supported by XP.

Be prepared if you are about to upgrade to this edition. With pocketbook too. unless you don't need your printer, virus scan, etc. <sniffle>

So I came back to my dear computer and said that's it, I cannot replace all of these software and printers and my f drive, so for now I UNInSTALLED WIN XP. I'm back on Win ME, at least that co-operates and recongnizes my hardware and software.
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You mentioned the profiles. Is there a way to disable this step and run the Windows XP computer like a "normal" 9X/NT computer?
You go to the control panel (which is a little harder to find in XP) and then go to User Manager. On one of the tabs there is a button to set login options. In that window you can specify which user you want to log on to automatically. I don't have it running at home. I'll check on it tomorrow and post agian to let you know the exact tab to go to.
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User and Password Icon in the control Panel
User Tab
Select the user you want to be the default
Uncheck the box that says User Must Use...
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Exclamation XP = NT

ALert : the XP experience will be like NT. Anyone who has tried 2k or NT and did not like it, will not like XP.
I love it. I can game like on my 9x boxes. and I get all the security of my NT boxes. I have a couple win2k servers running but went ahead and replaced pro with xp pro.
It takes getting used to the security, but with NTFS enable and cypher you have a great place to save things that you dont want others to see, even if they are in your house.
Dont be afraid of using the MMC to create a user object for each person in your house.
By the way, Profiles are very useful. They just are a tough beast to master and I enjoy forgetting how much of my day at work is spent dealling with them too.

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