Insufficient memory to open Word docs


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About2 weeks ago I upgraded from Office 98 to Office 2000 Pro. Everything worked fine. Two days ago, I increased my RAM from 32MB to 256MB and also installed a HP CD-WRITER 9300. Everything worked fine. Yesterday morning ---everything worked fine! Yesterday afternoon, I decided to get to work, opened Word and tried to open a Word doc. I got a message saying insufficient memory or disk space when I tried to open the doc. Word will open a new doc (but won't save it except as a "rescue file"). I can open the doc if I go to My Documents and it will also save the doc. EXCEL will open a new worksheet and save it. But when I try to open an existing sheet either from FILE or by clicking on the file folder icon, nothing happens at all. ACCESS works fine.

Hard drive has over 2.5 GB available, computer is recognizing 256 MB RAM, says anywhere from 50 - 80 % system resources available. I have tried everything listed in the Microsoft troubleshooter including uninstalling Office 2000 and re-installing. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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This sounds like a registry problem. Unfortunetly, Microsoft Office does no remove registry settings during a normal unistall.
To help further we probably need to know which OS are you running and what speed processor you have.

Two things to try in the meantime:
1. Try unintalling Office 2000. Reinstall 97 which may clear out the 2000 registry setting. Then reinstall 2000.
2. You files may have been corrupted (Virus or other things can do this.) Uninstall Office 2000 and then go and delete the folder in the program files directory that belong to office. Do full disk search for "*.dot" and delete any one you find that looks like it belongs to office.

Good Luck
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It just never ceases to amaze me - memory problems with MS Word, Version Anything!

Word has got to be theeee most memory UN-intensive application besides notepad and the clock.

Just my 2c.

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I appreciate the help. I found out I had a virus - Nimda, quite nasty! All is well now (after 5 days lost productivity and hiring a computer consultant). thanks again.
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JEEEEEZ LOUIZE!!! That stinks.

Sorry to hear it.


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