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I am considering an HP 7935 with a 1.3 Gigahertz Athon and 128meg of ram. My concern is that is has integrated S3 Savage4 video graphics system that shares up to 32mb of system memory.

I've heard that this is not as good as a separate video card. I can easily upgrade to more system ram.

Will I really be able to tell any difference in day to day activity? My primary use is internet and business apps, but may want to watch DVD someday.

Any thoughts?

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I wouldn't worry too much about it....yes it is better to have a seprate video card (non-intergrated) but you can always slap the card of your choice in the computer. Most machines will automatically override the intergrated card if a new PCI Video card is installed. If they don't it is as easy as changing a jumper setting or two. You probably don't really need a fancy video card unless you are going to be using the computer for Video editing, 3D Rendering, or hardcore gaming. As far as the DVD goes, one of my computers has an intergrated video card that only uses 8MB of RAM and it will play a DVD just fine from start to finish, in fact the picture looks better than the picture on my $250 Sony DVD player and big screen TV. I would suggest getting at least 256MB of RAM, but at the prices we've seen lately you might as well buy as much as you can..512MB etc, depending on the motherboards limitations. You can never go wrong with adding more memory! Check out for memory upgrades.
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Lightbulb CMOS

I just went into CMOS during bootup(F1 on my Gateway), and went to chipset and lowered my video RAM from 16 to 8mB. That leaves 120mB RAM free, 60mB of which Windows Messedup Edition uses just to load!

Add Kremlin Sentry and Symantec in the Systray and that leaves 50mB physical RAM free.

Sounds like you could cut that 32 in half and still have acceptable multi-media performance.

c'est la vie

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Day to day use will not show much difference with your video memory from 8Mg-32Mg. If you plan one playing new system taxing games or using graphical programs you will notice a big difference in pc performance from a shared video card and an add on card.

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Shared RAM for video is a bad idea. RAM is much slower than Video RAM. Stay away from motherboards with intergrated video. Get a Video Card as a separate item.

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Thanks to everyone. The price points are so close with the majors now. I am considering having a box built to my specs by a local company. My current system is nearly four years old, was built by a local company, and has not given me a moment's problem since the initial burn-in.

PLUS....they will be close if I have a problem. Don't like the idea of staying on hold with tech support night after night...

Thanks again

ps..I can get a nice PIII-800 with 256 mg ram, etc for about $ 800. Any reason to go for Athlon or P4 at this time???
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One more thing.. it is amazing how times change. I paid about $ 3000 for my present system, but I seem to be much more concerned about the $ 800-1000 that a new box will cost.

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