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You guys have brought me through computer limbo before so I know you can do it again.
I reformatted my Compaq,as you told me to do and it worked. However, I couldn't locate the original Win95 cd so I installed 98 on it. The modem had gone bad so I installed a new USRobotics in the PCI slot. Now when New Hardware installer runs it tells me a PCI seriel port was detected. Then we go through the process of finding a driver which windows can't locate. The modem does show up in Device Mgr. and in Control but when I run Diag. It will not communicate.I have reinstalled it over and over. Do I need another driver from somewhere else like Compaq? It installs on Com1 as the directions say it should. I have even tried it on Com2. No luck. BTW, I don't have the Compaq recover disk either.
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If this is a new modem, it should have come with a floppy with the driver on it.

If you use Start/Control Panel/Add new hardware to install:

During the install, a panel will appear saying"
"Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list".

Check the box;
Click on Next;

The next panel asks you to select the modem. Select the Manufacturer and Model for your USR modem. It will have a button labeled "Have Disk"
Click on it;

The next panel will have a box labeled:
"Copy Manufacturer's files from:"
Type A:\ in the box and click on Browse

In the box labeled "Folders", click each directory listed (there may be many or none) until a filename appears in the Filename box.

Click on OK;
Click on OK again.

It should start installing the driver from the floppy.

If you don't have a floppy with a driver on it, go to the modem manufacturer's web site where there should be drivers available for your model.
Download the correct one and follow the above instructions. Instead of entering A:\ in the box, enter the folder you downloaded to.

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Cool also

Go into Device Manager and "Remove" the modem under <modems> First, reboot and then do abnormals task...
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I had done all you suggested before (both of you) but I tried again and no go. I keep getting the "New PCI seriel ...something or another, found on your system and windows wants to install it. However, windows98 cd can't find the driver and the USR cd doesn't have it either. I guess it's because it's hardware ie: the slot I put the modem in. I haven't contactd USR or Compaq yet because I usually have better luck here. Do I need to go to one of the manufacturers?
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I have had these problems with USR modems before, try taking the modem out physically and booting up and then remove all device manager things related to the modem and if possiable put the modem into a different slot and boot up and that might help
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Okay...It has taken 3 hours to figure out how to get com5 (the only place this modem will install in 95/98). Of course, the settings don't resemble a modem, why I don't know and can't be changed to the same type as modem com ports.
I contacted compaq, a giant waste of time, and USR. Usr hasn't bothered to respond in 36 hours but I did print a "known problem" from their web site. If I weren't so compulsive/anal, I would have given up last weekend when I started this! I feel like I'm getting closer, please don't abandon me now! I will take that modem out one more time and try what you said but be ready to tell me how to install a com5 port that can be "opened"!
Thanks so very much, all of you.

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Have a Gateway PIII450.....blew my modem in a storm one night, bought a USR modem like you did....only difference to my story from yours is that my modem originally was installed in com5 already. If you're needing pointers on accomplishing this, just look at the available ports and pick what would appear to be the 5th port available (PCI that is, not a drive port). ie: if modem is currently in com1, and that appears to be the top PCI port, move the modem to the bottom....should only have 5 PCI slots. Problems w/ proprietary systems like this are fairly common. For instance, go buy an HP and try doing ANYTHING to it; it's an exercise in futility to say the least. I wouldn't put it past Compaq to put a quirk in their system where ports have designated functions, even though it shouldn't be this way. Hope that helps, just swap ports and re-boot.

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