Has Anyone Downloaded And Installed Linux ?


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I have just downloaded the two .iso images that are supposed to be used in installing Linux 7.2 on one of my PC's. When I attempt to copy the boot image to a floppy, there isn't enough room. Also, how can you boot from the CD if you cannot even browse it ? Has anyone done this already that can give me some specific instructions regarding what I need to do in order to install Linux ? This is getting frustrating and the redhat site is very unclear about the procedure. Thanks in advance.
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Gary Tait
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You burn the ISO images you have to a CD-R.
Similarily, you write the boot floppy image to
a flopy disk, not simply copy the image to a floppy
(or the ISO image to a CD-R).

Your CD burnig software will handle ISO images,
and you use a program called RAWRITE to write floppy
images to a floppy disk.
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Three things:
1. To boot from a CD-Rom you may have to go into your bios and change the boot order.

2.A little more about ISO images. An ISO is a compressed file in which all the files that were are on a CD are placed into. You have to have the right CD Recording software to turn this ISO image into a full blown CD with all the files in the right place. Some of the "lite" software that ships with CD-R drives doesn't do that. Check the help menu on your CD Recording software.

3.When you install RedHat for the first time I suggest you choose the "Desktop Computer" configuration. This way you can get used to Linux with a familiar Windows interface.
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Thanks for the input, guys. It appears that I goofed by burning the images straight to CD without any conversion. The version of Nero that shipped with my CD burner evidentally can't be used for this to the best of my knowledge.
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Adaptec CD Creator

I use Adaptec Cd Creator for writing ISO's. That product was just recently purchased by Roxio (www.roxio.com). I've been using a version of that product now for at least 6 years and have always been successful with it.

As for what another poster said. ISO's are not inherently compressed. They are just one big blob of files merged into 1 file with no compression. The size of the ISO will determine how much data is written to the CD. You can compress ISO's many times really well. But they are not compressed as they are created.

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