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Here we go again... many times a friend forwareds e-mail from his AOL 6.0 e-mail to me, but I cannot open it. Mostly it is text, but once in awhile it may contain a picture. I can open the pictures ok, but cannot open the text that was forwarded. I have gone to File/Properties/ Details/Message source, scrolled through that gobblygook and have been able to read the text there..
but want it to open as it used to.. automatically. I don't know what program is SUPPOSE to open it. I use @home cable which works with Internet Explorer.. the mail server used is Outlook Express.
Any suggestions or ideas?
Same person just sent me an e-mail telling me that another friend of his uses MSN for his isp and cannot open the attachments either. Could it simply be the format used by AOL when forwarding attachments? Thanks for any help.
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Cool Foot in mouth

No watch me stick my foot in my mouth... But... I have the same problem. I use Outlook 2002 and Express for Hotmail (2002 now does hotmail but still doesn't do newsgroups so therefore the need for Express.) It is AOL formating that does this, I have searched and searched trying to find an answer or fix for this but no luck. I finaly got my cousin off AOL an on @Home so that ended the search. Anybody else found a way around this?
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You suggesting a REASONABLE answer? None exists. AOL is the anti-christ of ISP's and yes, they have their own text formatted software upon which AOL generated e-mails will work. Reason: "Use AOL or don't get your messages." Solution is easiest found, at no cost, to abandon AOL and both use 'normal' ISP's, or to both sacrifice sanity and quality and succomb to the evil that is AOL.
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Cool !!!!!!!!!!

Preach the truth brother! Can I get an amen?

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