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Hello Computer Forum

Here's the scenario:

You visit an online software sales web site.
You "SURF" the pages in search of available downloadable software. Or maybe your just casually "SURFING" just to see what the latest software offerings are or seeking a particular type of software needed.

The exact reason your "SURFING" the web pages doesn't really matter. The point is the web site is also "SURFING" you. The site is in effect "TROLLING." Your not fully aware that the web site is also "LURING" you with the "BAIT."

Your interest is, sooner or later, at one time or another, going to be attracted or diverted using one simple word. This is the oldest form of selling technique known in the industry of selling and by all sales professionals.

That one "MAGIC" word is called "FREE!"
How can you pass up that offer?....

In this particular case your sidetracked by the mentioning of a "FREE" Screen Saver. So you preview it and decide to download the file and install it....

Once your newly discovered screen saver "TREASURE" is installed and activated, you realize you will be forever inundated with unwanted, annoying and obnoxious "POP UP ADS!"...

If your like me, you really HATE those !@#%%$#@ ads!!!

The question is:

How to remove unwanted "SCREEN SAVERS" simply, effectively and safely?


I once used a method I found in Windows '98. It was located in the selections located under the START menu. It worked flawlessly and did not adversely effect any of the Windows operating systems.

Here is the method that worked before:

I selected START, then selected RUN. Next box that appears you had to type in a file name that ends with a dot-exe which located the folder containing screen savers.

The file name or discription needing to be typed into the RUN window exactly, I have long ago forgotten...

If you would kindly post a reply with that dot exe file name used in the run box, myself and others reading this topic and your replies can then be able to remove these "PESKY" and space wasting screen savers....

Your reply will be much appreciated.

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Tom, I don't know the Run method but try doing a search for "*.scr" without the qoutes. This should bring up all screensavers. Got a good registry backup? Scanreg restore may be a good option. The reason I go here is I doubt killing the screensaver will stop the popups but it may if the registry hasn't been hacked...Mike
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Hi: Mike

I think you may have misunderstood me or I failed to accurately explain my intent. I realize that I cannot remove just the pop up ads and still maintain the screen saver.

What I want to do is remove the complete screen saver totally and completely. Forever gone. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

To further clearify, I once purchased a CD with a screen saver from a software company that may not make them any longer or of this type of product any longer.

Once the CD was installed and the screen saver operational, I had a problem with it. I called the service department and got the proper help to correct the problem.

During that conversation, I asked how could I remove some of the other OEM screen savers which I had no interests in.

The phone rep walked me through the process I discribed and the unwanted screen savers were removed from the selection list. Fast, clean and trouble free.

Now the problem is, exactly how to locate that selection list which also has the delete {remove} option. I mention remove because those that I actually selected to remove {thinking I was actually deleting them} didn't really happen.

What actually happened was the selected screen savers were removed to another folder else where within windows. They simply did not appear within the screen savers folder selection choices.

A "Windows Hidden Trick" of making the computer user think they actually removed something successfully just because it isn't displayed among the choices...hahaha...

Anyway, I did once stumble across a location that appears to save these type files within windows operating system. This location also saves the unwanted {Deleted} wallpaper selections that a computer user thinks they are deleting...hahaha.......when all that is really happening is the selected choice is being relocated and stored else wheres.

During the removal process I was being walked through, I never had to make any backups of any sort nor asked to save any registry files, data etc. Nor did anything adversely ever happen to the computer...

Hope I was able to clearify my prior posting if there was any doubts regarding my intention. Thanks for your prompt and professional advice. Your advice is always valueable to myself and this forum.


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