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Thanks for your help in advance. First of all, Oops!! Here's the deal, the video card was removed from the PCI slot, and the computer was inadvertantly booted up without it installed. When I re-installed the same card back to the original slot and booted up, I had no monitor recognition; black screen, not even a blinking line. In fact, the monitor recognizes it's offline, because it has a feature where the 'on' light flickers (when it's working, the light stays on continuously). I'm assuming the computer, having started up without the card once, now doesn't know what it has. I have the driver on CD, but I can't even view the screen to make the necessary changes. How do I get the computer startup files to recognize the video card/monitor? FYI: Everything worked fine prior to removing the card. Thanks
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Reseat the Card.

Sounds to me as though your card is not seated properly in the PCI slot. Remove the card and reseat it firmly in the slot. If that does not work then remove all other expansion cards you have installed and just leave the Video card installed. Try turning it on then. Computers will always detect if there is a valid operating video card installed in the machine, there is no need to install a driver for the machine to POST (Power On Self Test). Does your computer beep when you turn it on? Most machines will beep once when turned on indicating everything is normal. If it beeps more than once then you could have a bad video card, or could need reseated as I previously stated.
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More often than not the mobo will beep once followed by two short beeps if it doesnt recognize the card.
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Also, try these two things.

Move the video card to a different slot so the computer thinks it's a new card. Better yet get an old or cheap video card and try it in a different slot.

The Bios may be whacked, unplug the computer from the wall and take out the Bios battery and leave it out for a minute. This will reset the bios back to factory defaults. Of course, this may or may not mean more work getting the bios settings back to where they need to be.

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