fire walls need help!!


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fire walls need help!!

just got a new computer. i do lots of my finance via the net. some one advs me to get a fire wall program. what is a fire wall? how can that help? which one should i get?.
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Hello spankyme

I can not speak for all firewall software programs.
What I can tell you is that I use on called ZoneAlarms
It works too! And it's FREE!

There is also a pro version that must be purchased.
That's a choice you'll have to make.

This is the link:

{Hopefully, the link will really be a link but I am not so sure with this new web site software...}

A fire wall keeps close all the other entry ports on your computer and it will not allow a signal to be sent back to a server from your computer. Basically, being online without a firewall allows almost anyone with the correct software to track you, know your online without your knowledge, etc.

But not to worry with a friewall. ZoneArlarm evens keeps a file and how many times your computer was attacked, who sent out a signal etc. It reports everything back to you...

Based upon your computer useage, as posted within your question here, you do need a firewall of some type.

ZoneAlarm works and it's FREE!
More infor on this topic is located within the recent archives of this forum.

I do not have any financial interests nor business contacts with the above mentioned software product or company. The information provided is soley provided for informational help and to assist you. It reflects my personal opinion and experience only.

Regards and Good Luck,
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You might also consider checking out this site to answer some of your questions.


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tiny personal firewall

Hi Spanky,

The firewall I use is Tiny Personal Firewall, by Tiny Software. It is a FREE version of their business firewall. Their business users kept asking about a home version, so they gave them one for free. Here is a link to their page.

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ZONEALARM is one of the best. Blackhawk is to.
Test them though and see for yourself:

This is Steve Gibson's research website, he can safely probe
all of your ports on your computer to see if there vunnerable.
To see if hackers are using scanners to gain access to your information.
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Thanks!! I will try all of them to see which one its best for me..
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i try zone alarm and now my computer will not shut
down like it should.. any ideas..

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