Win98 not shutting down


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Win98 not shutting down

My wife's cousin has a Win98 system that has recently been reloaded but now will not shutdown. The lights on the tower go out but the fan still runs and there is a blinking cursor in the corner of the monitor (like at startup). We have checked the power management settings and all looks well there. I don't believe that reloading the computer would affect the bios settings but I haven't checked them yet either. Any thoughts?

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Try this, go to START/RUN, and type in the following:

C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindows

Just copy and paste, or type it, if you type it, note the space between EXE and user. Then click on run. If it shuts down, right click on your desktop, create a new shortcut and name it Shutdown, Close, or anything you like and click next, and type in the command line above. Just use that to shutdown.

You might also find some pointers from the following link, and also go to and search for windows shutdown problems.
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Is this computer on a network? This is a common problem, the computer hangs on trying to close a mapped driver. It requires a patch from Mircosoft.

Also, if it is a fresh install you'll probably need to go to Microsoft's Windows update page anyway to get all the fixes, patches and new features. Better hurry though, Microsoft is planning on eliminating Win98 online support real soon.

Click on the "Update Products" link
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As the previous poster said, if the machine is on a network and has mapped connections then it will not shut down properly at times as Win98 had difficulty with this. There is a patch on for this. But I don't think that is your problem. Most common issues for Win9x not shutting down are mapped connections, services failing to stop and power management. I think your issue is related to power management even though you said you checked it out. The reason why is you said you come to a black screen with a blinking cursor. Most of the time when a machine fails to shutdown due to mapped connections of unstopped services it goes to the "Shutting Down Windows" Screen. If this is a name brand computer, most likely a Compaq you may want to check out the manufacturer's website for a power management patch. If this is not a name brand computer, then check out your BIOS settings and turn off powermanagement in them. As it's a desktop machine and PM never did work correctly under Win98. For example, 98 would power down your harddrive because you weren't using it, some other application that wasn't aware of power management would go to write to the drive and cause a write error cause it didn't know to spin the drive up first. I have seen this happen on several occaions.

In your control panel I would turn off anything that says Windows will handle power management. Also, a quick method to troubleshooting this is to Select Shutdown, and then Select Restart, Press and hold the left shift key and click OK. This will cause it to warm restart windows without going through the BIOS screen. If it restarts properly, then it's probably PM, and not mapped connections or unstopped services.

Hope this helps.

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