can't type in text fields online


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Question can't type in text fields online

My husband had downloaded Roboform (autofill program) to his computer. Then he found (Gator) and tried download. There was a conflict in downloading, so he uninstalled Robo and Gator still wouldn't download. So, he restore Roboform thru Norton Systemworks 2000. Now When he goes online, he can not type with his mouse at all. The cursor will not blink or mark a field at all. The pointer will click on links okay, but will not work in fields or live buttons. It appears there is a missing dll file or something but Norton's is not seeing that. Cannot go on line himself because the mouse won't work.......Please Help. Thanks
P.S. Win 98, Explorer 5.5, Dell 966
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Gator BAD...

I would stay away from Gator and any of those other 'helper' applications. Gator although it does keep track of your passwords and fills out forms for you, it also reports back to a server as to where you go on the internet so they can provide you with the Advertising that you so desperately need. Chances are Gator is now partially installed and causing you problems. Go to and download Ad-Adware. Install and run it. It will remove gator and other nasty application like it running on your machine. For anyone out there that uses Gator and reads this, I highly suggest you read the license agreement that comes with Gator and see how scary it is on what you agreed to. In essense you give them permission to install applications on your machine without your knowledge. Yes this is possible.

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