Windows '98 install?


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Windows '98 install?

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone could direct me to a site that explains in really simple language how to reinstall Windows 98.

My computer is a Celeron 533, but the last month or so it's running incredibly slow! Plus, it crashes a couple times a day, I get lots of error messages, and it's just doing weird things. For example, when I try to defrag., it just keeps going back to zero. I've even left it on all night to defrag., but it's just not doing it.

Last night, I installed Internet Explorer 6 again, and am now thinking the problem must be the windows.

Talk about frustrating!!! BTW, I bought it about a year ago, and it has lots of memory and space left on the hard drive.

So if anyone knows where I can get this info., please let me know. Also, I am really computer illiterate, so.......

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Try this Before re-install

If your machine suddenly started to slowdown, then I would think that you probably have too much stuff running, most notably you might have some "spyware" running in the background. Spyware is software that comes with free software that you download off the internet. The worst one that I have seen that causes slowdowns is Gator. But Comet Cursor and a host of others are known to cause peroformance issues. I would suggest you go to and download the software there called AdAware and install, then run it. Allow it to scan your registry and your harddrive. I'm sure you'll find something on your machine causing issues. I would also suggest getting something along the lines of Norton Utilities. I have been using a version of their product since Windows 3.1 so fix problems and have always had success with it. If you have lots of registry errors you'll get errors and NU is capable of fixing those errors.

Hope this helps.
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Viruses may also be causing your problems. Are you running any virus protection and has it been updated lately? However, the best cure for invasive viruses that have been on the computer for awhile is to reformat and reload windows.

The subject has been covered on this forum many times. You can get the information using the search button. The most import things are:
1. Create a system disk (see help files)
2. Make sure you have drivers for your hardware.
3. Make sure you have legal copies of your software complete with seriel numbers (including Win98)
4. Get a bottle of valium
5. Be prepared for about 6 hrs of formating and clicking "OK" 10,000 times.

Good luck
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Thanks for your replies.

mrhoader - Yes, I do have a virus program (I think it's McVee or something like that), but every so often, it says something about it expiring... So I suppose I should figure out how to update it. (I assume it's free?)

Streaker - Is there any way I could tell if I have Spyware that's been downloaded? Actually, I do have a 12 yr. old that sometimes downloads games off the internet, but he doesn't do it that often.

I downloaded the Adware that you suggested. Now should I go to programs....Adware....and then will it just automatically scan my harddrive and registry? (Is there anything further I need to know before I attempt this?)

Sorry......but I really am soooooo stupid when it comes to stuff like this, so please bare with me.


BTW, I'm hoping that I won't have to reinstall my windows, because it sounds so complex. I should probably start a new thread though regarding defrag. and diskscan though. Tx.
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reinstall windows

You might try reinstalling Windows on top of your current version. It will replace any missing or damaged files during the process, and it usually takes about an hour. Make sure that you have the registration number for the version of Windows that you are running because it will ask you for it during the install. To start the reinstall, put in the Win98 CD and look for the file SETUP.EXE on the CD. Click on this file and the install will begin. When it gets through, your computer will be the same as it is now, except for maybe a couple of added icons on the desktop. All of your program files will still be there and do not need to be reloaded. I have found that doing this every 6 months or so, keeps everything running smoothly.

I hope this helps.


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