Defrag./Diskscan --- Slow computer!!

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Defrag./Diskscan --- Slow computer!!

Hi. Rather than attempting to reinstall Windows 98, I'm hoping that I can get my computer running quicker by doing other things. BTW, it is a Celeron 533 and I think the harddrive is 10 G, with 190 RAM (or whatever the memory is called).

I defragged about a month ago, and it took forever --- probably 15 hours or so.

When I tried to defrag again last weekend, I left the computer on all night, and when I got up the next day, it was still going up to about 2%, and back to zero.

I decided to do the Diskscan (which I had never even heard of until I started reading this board). So, I got it running last night, and after about three hours, it was only up to about 25%, so I just let it run all night.

Today, I started the defrag. about 5 hours ago, and it is finally getting there. It's up to about 85%. (I am typing this on someone else's computer.)

So, my question is------------------what am I doing wrong? I've never heard of it taking so long to defrag. What causes so much fragmentation?

My computer has been crashing alot lately (often several times a day), and then I have no choice but to just shut it off manually. Is this causing all the fragmenting? But if it crashes, what else can I do?

Someone suggested I download Adware, which I did yesterday, in case I have spyware (hope this is making sense, because I really don't have much of a clue about what I'm talking about.)

I also downloaded Internet Explorer 6 again. I assume it automatically deleted the previous download of IE6?

BTW, my harddrive is only half full.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you!!!

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As a general rule, Scandisk should be run prior to Defrag. This so that any errors in the drive can be detected and repaired by Scandisk. I find it useful to run them once a week on a computer on which there is a lot of file saving, and changing, and deletion.

In my experience, Defrag runs up and down the completion scale if there is an application running in the background, such as FindFast. F
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I found this out the hard way also, disable the screen saver when doing a disk defrag. Anything that writes to the harddrive causes the disk defrag to start over. It wouldn't be a bad idea to pause the task scheduler too. It's the square box in the lower right hand corner in the taskbar. Its got a little clock and a book on it also. It keeps any sheduled tasks from running during the process.
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I believe you posted at one point that you have McAfee AV installed. McAfee had it posted on their website that certain versions of their software interfere with ScanDisk and Defrag. You should either update the software or uninstall it completely and use Norton AV instead. MS Defrag is not a very good defrag tool to begin with anyway as it cannot fully defrag a drive. It is unable to move Attrib'ed files. If you purchase Norton System Works then you would get their defragger and drive repair tool known as Disk Doctor, as well as their AV software. Scandisk will not always repair some errors on a drive as well.
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Red face scandisk

Nortons is a pain. avoid it at all costs. sorry it is a reality that those of who actually work in the field avoid all the nortons toys and the pains they incur.
I alway disable McAfee when running scandisk and defrag, also any sort of screen saver. Last but not least any sort of running app should be closed, the Cat, felix or the little purple ape, they all will slow performance of any scheduled task. kill the process and then uninstall them via add remove applet in control panel. good luck to you
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Like to add my two cents here!

I can't afford more! HaHa!

Ok, so I'm not the funniest guy in the world.

Ok, two things.

First, I suggest you use maintenance wizard to set up a regular maintenance schedule. DISK CLEANUP first, then SCANDISK, and finally DEFRAG last (it takes the longest).

Do this every week. on a regualr basis.

Also, restart the computer before the maintenance starts. And, don't run anything after you reboot.

In other words:
1. Reboot
2. Disk Cleanup
3. Scandisk
4. Defrag
5. Reboot

Secondly, I have also heard many problems associated with Norton, but I must say I do use Norton Antivirus and love it.

As for Works or Disk Doctor.............No, Thank You!
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Marie12345, If you run Mcafee no need to uninstall to keep it from ruining scandisk and defrag, just disable it. Since Scandisk is a new one for you try a thorough scan. Heres how: When you run the maintenance wizard it does a regular scandisk. This goes a step deeper removing lost file fragments, checks for crossliked files, invalid long filenames, checks TIF's for currupt files and repairs disk errors. This may take a while and is normal.
Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk. Choose Thorough, click on the Advanced button, In this box choose these: Display summary-Only if errors are found.....Log File-Replace log......Crosslinked files-Make copies.....Lost file fragments-Convert to files.....Check files for-Invalid file names....Check host drive first.....OK. Start in the next box. If you are asked if you want to create a log file choose yes.....Mike

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