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darrell McCoy
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Angry pop-ups

Pop-ups are really beginning to bug me. Are there any good programs on the web that I can download and maybe slow these down some. Thanks
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I use Popup Killer and like it. There are other, similar programs. Use a search engine and look for popup. One more thing you can do is go into TOOLS/INTERNET OPTIONS/SECURITY/RESTRICTED SITES/click on SITES. In the box type in any site that annoys you like this"*.doubleclick.com", without the quotation marks. The pests also use .net, so add both of them. No matter what you do you will get some, but these two together get it down to the level it's not a hassle anymore.

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Another good one is popup stopper from www.panicware.com It can also be found on download.com (zdnet site)

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Most legit sites limit their popups to either none or 1. Even teh DIY site has 1 popup. However their are exeptions, especially those warez (non-legit)and adult sites that create such a wave of popups that you may have to shut the power off on teh computer to stop them.

Poping up an ad is done to draw more attention to it, however at the same time certain search engines won't list you if their is non-user initiated popups. The Do it Yourself site has starting using a popup. Certain sites will not let you proceed without confirmation that the popup has loaded, this is done by having the popup lay a cookie which the site can reference. If the popup doesn't confirm , you may not get the page you wish to go to.

Most of the good sites either don't use popups or use a single popup like DIY. But they can be anoying. I also write web sites but have learned to avoid using popups, an ad on the page is better than a poup.

There is software that will rid the web pages of all ads but these types of software can also sometimes get rid of non-ad items, and think about this also..

1. The site has to support itself or its not on the web for you to enjoy.
2. You don't have to buy a thing, ignore them if you wish and move on.
3. As long as the ads don't take away from the main reason for the site, what's the problem. Most sites don't overwelm you with ads, but do have them on their pages.
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Doesn't IE have an option setting that does not allow pop-ups? I'm sure I read about that somewhere!

I'm going to check, BRB!
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Hey tomroumeliotis, If you find it do post back and let us know. I have never heard of this....Mike

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