sulfnbk.exe - VIRUS?


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sulfnbk.exe - VIRUS?

Has anybody heard about this - I got this message and am not sure what to make of it - is it a hoax?

<Here is the new virus that it seems everyone has? McAfee and Norton are not picking it up? It lays dormant in your hard drive and then starts deleting files. Here is how you get rid of it.
Click on "start"
Choose "search" or "find"
Choose "files and folders"
Select "find"
Select "C drive"
Name of file to search for: SULFNBK.EXE
If you find this file, DO NOT OPEN IT! Select by right clicking on your mouse and DELETE it.
Then close the window and EMPTY your RECYCLE BIN.
The good news is that YOU HAVE ELIMINATED THE VIRUS on YOUR computer.
The bad news is that you have transmitted this virus to anyone you may have e-mailed in the last month. Thus the reason for this message. Please contact everyone in your address book and pass this message along.>

I have followed the directions and found and iscolated that file, but I'm not sure what the file is - should I delete the file as suggested? - should I be emailing everyone in my address book with a warning? I don't want to be setting off any alarms if they aren't warranted...

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I just got a reply from someone on another BB - here's what they had to say:

<Ignore it - the email is a stupidity virus.

This is from Microsoft:


Sulfnbk.exe is a Windows utility that is used to restore long file names. This
utility is not required to run Windows, but it is necessary if you need to
restore long files names if they become damaged or corrupted.

If this utility is removed, you can restore it by following the steps in the
appropriate section of this article.>

Sorry to have concerned anyone!!

Season's Best to All!!

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Read this page, if you have time, it's along the same lines as the stupidity virus email you recieved. Pretty dang funny!

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Pretty much anytime you get email about supposed viruses that includes some form of "FORWARD THIS TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET EARTH THAT YOU KNOW", it's better than 99% chance of being a hoax. Here's a good virus hoax resource:

I've p.o.'d an amazing number of people by replying to them (and everyone else addressed on the email) with the documentation that they've been scammed. Actually, these warning hoaxes are themselves a form of "virus" in that they are quickly forwarded to thousands (maybe millions!) of addressees, thereby using up server space, bandwidth, and all that other technical stuff.

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