Me System errors while trying to run games


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Unhappy Me System errors while trying to run games

Help can't play my games, new hard drive and still can't play The games are many and varied Porsche 2000, Need For Speed 3, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Deer Hunter, and many more others. They will run for awhile then it gives me and error after a couple of minutes, the same in all good games , no problem streaming games or dos games
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Cool Update

Most if not all of the games you mention have updates on their respective web sites. I have NFS High Stakes, a simple addition to the .exe line and the game runs perfect. Tomb Raider also needed 3D drivers changed. Your 3D glide software will most certainly need to be the latest. What Direct X are you running? I think 8.0/8.1 is out and will need to be installed. Memory? Buss speed? What's running in the background sharing resources? ME gets kicked around alot, but if you step back and check your settings and drivers you will almost always find it's something you did not ME. My last ME build lasted 2 years before I had to format and reinstall. So before kicking the dog for barking see what he's barking about
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to big mike

I have a 20GB hd and 128 bit card they all once worked before the old HD went to crap. 14Gb free, directX8.1 , Windows ME, my card is a nividia TNT2 Model 64/model 64pro. Everything is updated, HD is less than a week old. Several time they cause an error in Explorer, it crashes then the game goes to ****. Oh well
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Cool Windoze

Man the only thing I can say is it's Windoze... I have installed 3.11, 95, 95 2ond Ed, 98, 98 Upgrade, 98SE, ME, ME Corporate, 2000 Pro & corporate so many times I have dreams about it... In all those times of installing Windoze never, not once, in 10 plus years of hard core computer use/build/diagnose have I ever seen a copy of any Windoze OS go on any computer the same way twice... Windoze cannot be explained, taught or even worked on with any real believability that it will work twice the same way even from day to day. Any IT Tech that says he knows how to actually fix your computer or has fixed his with a Win 9.x OS and it never hiccups, farts or otherwise screws-up, marry him/her cause you have met the person that can BS God! If all your drivers are up to date, you have followed what the manufacturer has said to do IE: setup/installation of his game then the error has got to be yours. Recheck your drivers go into the BIOS and make sure all settings are correct, scan disk, defrag often, keep Direct X updated, Java updated, Windoze updates... If anyone else can think of something fire it up
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Lightbulb Billy

Bill where did you get the drivers for your vid card? Is it the manufaturers version or the Nvidia's? A lot of OEMS use this card and I have encountered similar problems and it ended up being a driver issue. Also before your HD crashed did you have ME or another OS? What brand PC do you have? Clone?

Let me know,
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Is it the Win ME ?

Keep hearing that me is junk , and have had it all along since i got the computer . Dell Deminsion 4100 so i guess it is a dell card may be with the name on it from nividia. But every thing was working fine before I had problems Dell has replaced the hard drive, the CD burner and the floppy in less than a year. Me thinks dell is just junk! Never had problems like this before. Enjoied playing lots of games before now it like having a 486K.
thank guys
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I personally don't like ME very much. I have had alot of compatibility issues with it. See if dell has an ME driver for that card if not try the "generic" driver on Nvidias site. Like I told you I had similar problems and the way I remedied it was using the Nvidia drivers.

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Try this.... if you don't have kids or anyone that want to snoop in your case out of couriosity, take off your cover, if you can move the hard drive as far away from any other drives or the bottom 3 1/2 slot, then leave the cover off, and put a small fan, if you have one, next to the computer blowing at the drive, or as close as you can get it. Have a guy I work with that is having the same types of problems. Once he put a fan next to his HD it started working again.

Games tend to be memory and HD hogs. They access constantly, where as many other programs only access the HD when you save, load or update. I would be willing to bet that your HD is getting hot and corrupting the data. For a little bit of money you can get an HD fan that will help.


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Cool true

Don't know why I didn't think of saying fans. I have four fans in my main computer, a Super Cooler on the CPU, brought it's temp below 100 Deg. Running around 75 deg or so. Also a 3" 12 VDC fan across the three video cards, a 3" across the mainboard itself. I dont use one on the HD but Heat is the enemy of any electronic component. I read some where the the guy who first hit the 1 Gig mark on a cpu was using a 35 or so but super cooled it below deg F. They actualy make fans that take the space of an open bay (floppy/HD etc.) and turn it into a fan space.
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One thing you haven't mentioned. When Dell sent you the new hard drive how did you get all your stuff back on? Did Dell send it with there image on it. I've noticed that manufactures put on a few tweaks of their own before they put out a system. When you install from a commercial Win98 disk it is kind of hard to replicate.

Now don't shoot me guys but... you might have better luck with Win2000. At least there when you ctrl-alt-delete you can find out what app is killing you.
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