Marshall Buttre - Connecting 2 PCs


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Marshall Buttre - Connecting 2 PCs

Marshall this is the oly way that I could spearate your question from the ford question, and move the ford question to automotive.
Here is your question:

Connecting 2 PCs
I would like to connect 2 PCs together for file sharing, backing up important files etc.

What are my options?

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you will need 2 network cards, one in each computer. 1 cross over cable (at least cat 5) (if no hub, you must use a crossover cable NOT a straight patch). It would be better to match the cards, both 10 base T or both 10 base 100, 10 base T is cheaper but 10 base 100 is better/faster. network identification - unique name for each computer , and use the same workgroup designation. (I asume both computers have plug and play , pentium or greator).

If you need further info then supply the operating system on each computer and the cpu on each computer, and rather or not internet sharing is needed and if so what is the source of the internet, dial up, cable, dsl ?
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Marshall Buttre
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Thanks dkerr. As usual it is good to hear from you. For some reason I could not log in as Marshall Buttrey and had to register again. This time with a typo in the Buttrey. Oh well.

I had hoped to avoid using a hub, because I could not imagine that I would need one. (I'll save $50.00 if I can).

I have one 10/100 EtherFast Linksys Lan card, and a Cat 5e CrossOver cable that I used with my DSL connection. I plan to use an exact duplicate Lan card if they are still available.

Both PCs are running Windows 98. One is a 333 etower, and the other is 533 HP. I would like to use Internet sharing. I am now restricted to a dial connection, and can not connect at faster than 26K on either system. (What a downer and bummer).

I would appreciate any guidance you can give. Networking is the only IT field I never ventured into. I hope I'm NOT too old to learn.


Marshall Buttrey
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I use a high speed cable connection, using windows me on the main computer, and windows 98 on 2 other computers for a total of 3 computers with plans to add a 4th one. The internet performance I am pleased with on all 3 computers. I find windows me has a very good built in home netwroking/internet sharing built into the operating system. I have 2 network cards in the main computer, one card has the input from the cable modem and the other card goes to the hub, with the other computers connected to the hub. A mixture of 10 base T and 10 base 100 system, the hub is 10 base T , 3 network cards I beleive are 10 base T with the network card that the cable modem is going to is 10 base 100. The computers are not high end but perform well, the main is pentium 200 mmx, the other 2 are pentium 166mmx and amd 233.

With 2 computers , 2 network cards at the main computer and one network card on the second if using a high speed connection. If dial up then just one network card at each computer with a cross over cat 5 cable between the two. If using a hub you may only need straight patch cables.

I have heard that windows 98 does have internet sharing built in , but I haven't tried it. I have heard from a friend that you have to install windows 98 using the custom install and de-select the sharing feature install, and then install it later, as it will screw up and not work right if you allow it to install at the same time as the operating system, but again that is what I have heard haven't tried it with windows 98, I use windows me as the main and works well.

DSL presents some unique challenges for home networking than cable does. With cable on my system, I only have to make sure my client ID is in the name on the network identification on teh main computer and I should be connected. WIth DSL , you will likely have a software adapter, which signs you on with a user name and a password. This means that your interent sharing has to point to the software adapter instead of the card, this can slow things down and use more resources. I tried DSL for 2 days and decided to stay with the cable as it had far less problems in my home networking setup. There is proxy servers such as winproxy that is suppose to work with DSL very well, but haven't tried it, a friend uses but also uses a dedicated server computer that only is used as a server only. The other thing that some people uses is a router or gateway that can be a router or a combination router/hub that manages the internet connection to all computers from a single internet Ip connection. Statying with good cards in both computers and of the 10/100 variety will help.

As I said I have stayed with a cable connection because of its ease in home networking without aditional expenses in getting the the DSL alternative to work, and a lot of providers do not provide support for home networking.

If you are using DSL and only getting 26k connection speed then I would say there is a problem somewhere. Althoughif you are having no problem connecting and are not always losing connection , it is a good sign. Don't use regular extension cords, I would try to use only the telphone cord that came with the dsl modem between the wall jack and the modem. It also depends on how good the telephone wiring is the house, Sometimes a dedicated spearate cat 5 run from the outside telephone terminal block and the telephone jack wher the dsl modem is pluged into will help.

Both cable and dsl does have its high and low extremes depending on internet load in the neighbourhood. When I tried DSl beofre I found the low end was higher then teh low end of cable, but the high end of DSL was lower then cable. In other words the cable in my area had a high potential speed then DSL, but had a slightly lower end at busy times then DSL. But again I stay with cable because it performs well for me, and is wasy to home network cheaply.

I haven't been on here as much as I used to, I have been busy creating web sites, as the one in my signature bellow, and will be creating a computer site in the new year. We also have own support forums, so its gets us busy. Seems to me you have been quite knowledgeable in computers if I remember right from answers on this forum in the past. I hope to have a good computer info /help site but will take me some time to write all the articles before I will release it to the search engines and public. Th eelectrical site that I and warren have created is getting quite popular and its growth is continueing.

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