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I have a good computer, but for some reason my CDROM drive will not open. When I go to my computer and control system it does not even show that I have a CDROM. When I am in safe mode it shows up but still won't work. I took it back to the person that built my computer. He said he couldn't not find any thing wrong. When I got it home the CDROM worked but when I shut down the computer after about a month. Turned the computer back on now it won't work. The green light keeps flashing, but the door won't open. I took it 3 times for this problem and he said it was ok. Now the person I bought the commputer from has gone out of bussiness. He told me not to shut the computer down so it won't happen. I know the CDROM is in safe mode. So I know it is in the hard drive.

Please help my son is in college and needs tha CDROM>
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First of all that tech was an idiot and just didn't really want to fix the problem. either have a driver problem or simply a BAD cdrom drive. You can try the following:

When in safe mode try delete the cd-rom from DeviceManager in the Control Panel, then reboot into normal mode and see if windows redetects the CDROM and if so see if it resolves the problem.

Also, what version of windows does the computer have? What brand CDROM is it?

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I had a similar problem with a LeBronco 36X(generic) cdrom. Every other or three boot-ups would bring the drive back on line. soon as I put in a new drive all was good.

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Cool Ha Ha Ha

That's good! Don't shut it down and while you’re at it you know the starter problem with your car? Just leave it running... Jeez it's maroons like that who really hurt good techs. Try what Bob says. If it still acts up do what Bob says but unplug the ribbon cable from the CD ROM device and then reboot. Shut down and plug the CD back in and boot. Let Plug and Pray do its thing. You should find the factory drivers for the CD just to be safe. You don't mention what type of computer it is or OS so can't be sure that this will do it. We need CPU, Memory, Hopefully motherboard type, CD ROM manufacturer, Win 9X?
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usually, if you do go into safe mode, which is f5 on startup, sometimes you will see multiple instances of CD-ROM drives. Delete them all. Make sure you dont see a exclamtion point or X on anything else. Especially on the controllers section. Reboot, see if windows detects it. If it does not, that sounds like a bad drive. Usually windows will have all the cd-rom drivers on there.

You can also try a BIOS flash. Go to the manufactuers website or the mother boards man. and get the BIOS flash.
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Cool flash

Keeping in mind that a BIOS flash is not for an amature! One mistake and your buying a new motherboard! Check in device manager and make sure no more than one instance of the driver is loaded then follow above directions.
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Is there any wonder why that place went out of business?
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