Is it dead?


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Unhappy Is it dead?

Have a 64mg DIMM Ram chip (pc-66), was given a SIMM Ram chip, so wanted to see if would work. Inserted and rebooted (with DIMM still in) - no RAM was counted on reboot but did get windows desktop. Rebooted again and got long beeep (from system speaker) and then a beeepboop (foghorn sound) - no input into moniter. Tried boot disk and reads disk, but still no input into moniter. Since heard DIMM and SIMMs don't go together. Any suggestions? Have a 1997 K6-200mhz, M5ATA motherboard. Thanks, Nick
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In some motherboards the DIMM and SIMM memory will work together, but the simm must be installed in pairs. If you only had one simm your motherboard only sees one of a must have two memory chip and negates it. If it is still in remove it and get a second one, same mg, speed. or get a duplicat of the one you have. Hopefully nother happened to the DIMM or the MOBO. YOu may have to purchase another DIMM if the one you have is not working and you are still getting beep from the pc speaker when you go to boot up.

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I have seen systems from time to time use DIMMS and SIMMS, but i have not seem them work very well. If I were you, since RAM is so cheap now days, is to just put in another DIMM. You can get thosed DIMM sticks for like 30 bucks or less.

But definetly take out that one SIMM. I have seen boards that you have to change a switch to get them to work with the SIMMS and DIMMs. My suggestion would be to stay away from the SIMMS. Use either or. The odds of that one DIMM matching nano second speeds of the SIMM is unlikely. And if it is an EDO and the DIMM is not ,,,that would cause problems.

But a memory mismatch would cause you to get no video. No video usually means 1 of 2 things, memory or CPU. That is if it at least powers on. If it wont power on, then its not those 2, its other issues like powersupply/switch/ MB/cord...etc.
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Thanks a lot. I will try some new memory and let you know what happens. Nick

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