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two questions sons have a computer in their room. We do reports and homework on it. Once the work is complete, we make a copy on to a disk and then bring it to my computer for the artwork and printing. We tried to copy onto the floppy and the computer didn't recognize that drive....I'm afraid my sons have "messed with things" Is there anything that comes to mind that may be causing this?

Next, the fun one. My computer at work is new and fast. I went to install an old dos golf game and it doesn't work. Keeps re-booting my computer when I try to play. So I tried an older version of microsoft golf. It installed ok but the mouse doesn't seem to operate the swing function correctly. It won't let me control the swing. Is there a mouse setting, wrong mouse, game too old?
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One- Check the device manager to see if the floppy is working correctly. If it is not you might try uninstalling the floppy drive, shuting down, and rebooting. the drive should reinstall with no problems. You may need the OS cd. Have you tried a different floppy disk? if reinstalling does not bring the drive back it may be toast and will need to replace it. Floppy drives usualy out last any other device in the pc.

Two- What operating system is being used at wrok? If its NT or win2k or even XP then you will find that a lot of dos programs will not work. Nt and I believe w2k and xp use a dos emulator and will not function properly for certain dos programs.(games) I am not completly sure about XP,(dont have it yet). You can adust your mouse sesitivity and speed. go to start>settings>control settings>mouse. Not sure if that will fix the problem, but it may.

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