Computer Freeze


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Computer Freeze

About every 7-10 minutes the mouse locks up, and the computer stops whatever it's doing and "rests" for about 7-10 seconds. It's long enough to kick out of the internet connection and give the message "Your computer has been disconnected from the web."

We have a 4 year-old Gateway 233 Pentium II with Windows 95. Answers on this forum are sure to be faster and more accurate than from any Gateway technician!

Thank you!
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When the system hangs, does it seem like there is any HD activity?

You might try to run scandisk and defrag. Your system may just be terribly fragmented. Try this first, then try the "if all else fails" method.

I would first back up any important info that you would rather not loose. Write down any important info, or print it out. (settings and such). Remove the cover and use a couple cans of air on the inside. (this prob wil not fix the problem, but is a good idea.) leave cover off, reboot, make sure all fans are running properly. If the problem is still there, you only have one other choice that I can think of. Format, format and reload all.


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Thank you for your suggestions. You're right; when the computer hangs, the hard drive is silent, too. It's like the whole system takes a few-second nap. The mouse freezes, the cursor will not move, and any typing waits and appears after the nap.

I ran all the Norton Utilities fix-it stuff on the hard drive recently and blew out the inside just before Thanksgiving. Would Norton accomplish the same thing as defrag? It runs scandisk about every other week when one of the kids' programs freeze and the computer has to be restarted without shutting down Windows properly. Having done the whole reformatting process last year, I would dearly love to avoid that, if possible.

Thank you again.
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Like BSB said it sounds like heat. Make sure the CPU fan and power supply fans are spinning. Second thought on this end is lack of RAM and a full or nearly full hard drive. Low RAM and lack of drive space = no swap file space which can = a lag. I don't know what system tools 95 has but run them all....Mike
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Does it only "hang" when you are on the web in explorer, or does it do it in other programs as well.

You need to narrow this problem down, before you go re-installing programs.

How much memory do you have?
How full is your hard drive?
Does it only do it when you are using the modem?
Are you running DSL and not using a modem?
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So far this morning I've tried blowing/cleaning it out, taking off the side cover in hopes of allowing more cool air inside, running all the Norton utilities (hard drive was 98% unfragmented before, now is totally defragged and optimized), running diagnostics on the hardware (all okay)...

It now freezes a bit less often, every 10-12 minutes, no matter what software is running or if the modem is on or not. It freezes just as often in Word, but it's more annoying to be disconnected and have to reconnect to the blazing speed 33.6 connection we get through Juno.

It's a 6.4 G hard drive with 64 MGs of RAM. Currently, 2.10 G of hard drive space is free.

I can only see one fan. It's connected to the power supply, and it is spinning.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I'd rather try almost anything than the endless Gateway wait.
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another idea

This problem might be caused by an unknown program running in the background.

I would suggest making a list of all the programs listed in the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del). You will recognize some programs.

You may want to close one at a time, and then go back to normal work. If the problem re-occurs, try closing another one.
Some programs, such as Kernel32.dll, must not be shut down.

By doing this, you may also be able to determine which programs are *not* affecting the problem.

This will not cause any lasting damage to your computer. At worst case, you will have to re-boot.

Good luck.
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Long shot at best but check Device Manager to make sure you have no yellow markers. This used to be a symptom of Com Port conflicts back in the Win 3x days. Also, check your network settings (right click on Net Neighborhood and click properties) to see if anything is off there. All there should be is Microsoft Networking, your dial up adapter and the TCP/IP for you dial up adt.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ctrl/Alt/Delete showed me the Power Saving feature was running. Hitting End Task cured the computer narcolepsy.

I knew you were all better than Gateway!

(Their solution was to reformat and reload everything on the computer. If that didn't work, I could take it in, and after a week, they would look at it.)

With much appreciation and best wishes for the most joyous of Christmases to you all,
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Make sure you turn off the Power Save feature in control panel.
The next time you boot up you will have the same problem if you don't turn it off.

I think Gateway's answer to most everything is to reload programs. They don't want to take the time to do some investigative work.

Glad we could all help on your problem.
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Cool Scanner

Do you happen to have an HP Scanner hooked up? If so you need to go to HP's web site and download the Powersaver update. Since you find a powersaver in Ctrl-alt-del I am sure this is the hang up. The powersaver you are seeing is to turn off the lamp in the scanner, it looks for lamp activity then shuts it down. I had this happen to me, drove me nuts for about a day till I got lucky and found the update, you can uninstall the powersaver and just unplug the scanner just don't forget you have done so then try to get it to scan.
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Thank you for the HP scanner heads-up. Very perceptive and helpful.

This being one of my first questions for this forum, I've been very impressed with the willingness to share knowledge and the value that it has had for our family. Especially at this busy time of year, thank you for taking the time and giving meaningful advice.

With gratitude,
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Cool Merry Xmas

No problem, very glad we could be of help. Stick around though, there are many facets to this site. Hope you and yours are safe for the Holidays. Mike.
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One of the other option is to delete the mouse from device manager and reboot the computer. The computer will automatically redetect the mouse.

good luck
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