Building first computer


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Building first computer

I've read a ton and think I am ready to build. I have all the drives except will get a new hard drive (ATA100). Been online a bunch and want to go with AMD processor, at least a gig if I can afford.

My question: can you recommend a motherboard that is low priced but won't be obsolete in a year or two. Also, what features are most important? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Nick

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go to the motherboard section. There is a few new boards out fr the amd line that is under 100 bucks. They have the new VIA chipset.
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From personal experience, stay away from amptron, their cheap, both in price and in stability. you may also want to check out I used a tyan for over 3 years, loved it, and then just recently went to an abit for my athlon gig sys. I have only had it for a week so I cant report on it if I am satisfied with it or not.

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First Computer

Try I used the Abit KT7-A mother boards for my first 2 and there great with the 1gig Duron. Also they have a design your own box program where Techs look at your choices and let you know about compatibility problems if any. Good luck and have fun. Marturo
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Try here
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Gonna have to agree with abNORMal about the EpoX. For the price and exceptional preformance it can't be beat!
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Cool Board

The Tyan company or ASUS would be your best bet. All I use. Have never had a board failure and can always find info, BIOS updates etc for these. Stay away from on board video (especialy) and audio, these items share you RAM. Onboard video may only go to say 8 megs of memory, most games today require a minimum of 16 megs to run the 3D effects. Try to get a board that is going to be able to be upgraded to a bigger CPU later down the road. Expect to spend around $150 for a really good board. You might find cheaper ones but you get what you pay for! Especialy in this field. Cooling the CPU and video is crucial. A fan blowing over the video card will help stabalize it. Heat is the enemy of everything!

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