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I would like to set the content on my computer but do not remember the password. When I first got the computer I engaged it put set it to high. It would not let me see even the news . I finally got it released but took a long time. Now I am afraid to try again. We are getting a lot of trash mail and my grandchildren us my computer. Some pages we can't get off except by shutting down . Thanks for your help.
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Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, Content tab. That is assuming you run Windows.....Mike
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I know that. What do I do about the password. I don't remember it. Yes I am running windows 98 &
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Cool Password?

So it's asking for a password? The internet settings will not effect the email. You will have to open whatever email program u are using and set it's properties/filters up in there but that at best is a temporary fix. If you used a common spelling for your email you will have to change it to stop junk mail. In an experiment I tried names and numbers and the number address worked best, like [email protected] As far as the internet settings, in internet explorer go into <Tools> <Internet Options> and your can adjust your settings. No password needed. I am guessing at this as you specified no email program or browser type.

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Is it the browser asking for a password? If so, in IE. ,try
internet options
custom level

page down to bottom of list and see:
User Authentication

See if Prompt For User Name and Password is checked.
Check Anonymous or Automatic instead.
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Thanks went to internet settings and it worked fine. I now have my password written down.

I am running windows 98. 28.29 MB. 80%user free 90%GDF .
Could you tell me why I get ( not enough memory ) sometimes when I try to reload something thats been on it before. Also why does my clock start losing time and the speed slow down. If I shut down and restart it runs fine for a few days.
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Cool Clairify

Is that 28.29 MB of what, memory? If so you need much more. If not then Windoze 98 was noted for it's memory leaks, biggie was not releasing resources after a program closing. Do a <ctrl-alt-del> and see what all is running in the background. Increase memory to max and scandisk/defrag often, at least weekly. We'll go from here...
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28.29= ram
spoolfile maximum 2096.84
I scandisk often and defrag every 15 days. Should I do them more often?
Where do I increase memory to maximum?
Also what should be running when I check Ctrl-Alt-Del ?
Thanks for all the help.
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Cool Whew...

The only thing I can think of on the spool file is for printing. Can't think of anything else. Defrag every 15 days is cool. More if you want but that is a good number. Increasing memory will have to be done internally, you will add more "Ram" to it. In a <ctrl-alt-del> scenario you actually only have to have "Explorer" and "Sys-Tray" running, but the other stuff running is what uses and drains system resources. When you boot the computer you will see the memory start to tick off, when it is finished it tells you how much memory you have. Physical memory that is. To see how much in Windoze right click <My Computer> left click <Properties> then left click <Performance> and at the top of the list is how much memory you have. More is better!
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