Why 'VIA' chipset


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Question Why 'VIA' chipset

Have heard that via chipset is best. Is that true and why? Thanks, Nick
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Check out the motherboard roundup at www.tomshardware.com I think via is the most vesatile right now, and if I am not mistaken they optimize DDR mem the best right now. I am not sure if they are the best or if it's more along the lines as the most popular. Kinda like Nvida is the most popular for video cards. But that may change as soon as ATI gets a team of driver authors that can make the new 8500 perform at the level it was designed to.

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Use the VIA chipdet

Having just upgraded my mobo, I did a lot of research on this subject.

The VIA chipset is excellent. That's what I went with. A word of advice...stay away from the SiS Chipsets. My experience with them has been awful. The ones I've seen are very unstable, and have combatibility issues.

Most motherboard (mobo) mfg's use many different chipsets. I would recommend searching the web for reviews of the particular board you plan on using. People much more skilled than me have put these boards through their paces.
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VIA KT 133 chip problems

I have built 2 computers on the Abit KT7-A MOBO and have never gotten near the promised speed, and even though it was billed as DDR memory ready it is not. There are plenty of tech sites that have found out about this chip set problem. ABITs web site makes mention of a patch, but some of the more creative sites are saying just don't buy any MOBO with the VIA KT-133 chipset as you will never reach 133 at best 64 to 90 is all you will get. Since DDR was as cheap as non DDR memory I loaded them with this type. ABIT is a good board but If you want more power and speed don't buy there KT7 series and that includes the Raid model. Since ABIT is not the only MOBO manufacture that uses the VIA KT-133 chip just go with there new line of Boards without the VIA chip set. Just another one of the golden rules: If it is new just wait awhile until people like me get to find out all the bugs and problems, then buy the next one that has all the fixes. It is still a verry good board but not for Gamers. The fix with a big IF, and maybe is to flash the Bios but the remote chance of a fix is not worth killing your Bios. Marturo
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Thanks for you help! Nick

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