laptop repair technicians ?


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laptop repair technicians ?

maybe someone can help me out with a schematic, suggestions or experiences , on this compaq armada (1700) series laptop, it just shut down one day while in use , seems like the suspend or hibernation (baterry) lamp is flashing but it will not power up.even with the a/c plugged to it, so i decided to take it apart and see if the a/c - d/c internal adapter had any output, seems to have 18v d/c out , where do i go from here eg: dc - dc convertor any info would be greatfull thx
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How old is the laptop? How often did you use it on battery? Have you tried a new battery? If there is a reset button pin hole in the bottom or on the side have you tried pushing it?

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Had the same thing happen on my laptop but it was a different model. I unlatched/lifted the keyboard and removed the battery. Reinstalled the battery after a minute and closed it back up and it rebooted. Dont know if this will help you or not though...
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the lap top i got second hand , it has to be about 3 years old , it was working flawless for the period i owned it , until that one day

and yes i already popped up the key board and removed the small (cmos ) battery and the main battery , there is no small reset hole for this LT and i used to be able to run it even without the battery , just A/C pluged in , the fan doesnt turn on , the hardrive doesnt power up , just a blinking battery light , thats why i think its internal of the unit
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i would try just a battery, or just the ac power. Or a new battery. if you plug just the ac power in and you still get the same symptoms, i would say the power converter board and or system board. try unplugging the battery and ac. then hold the power and the suspend button for 30 seconds to discharge the capacitors, then plug up the ac power. give that a try.
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ive tried with battery only , without battery and a/c , no go ,
i opened her up again , checked the for any output on the dc to dc convertor , i see 18 volts in and 4 volts out , but im thinking acording to a flow chart i came across there should be 8 & 12 volts out of it , anyways found a dc/dc invertor for 8 buxs ill see it in a few days and give her a whirl
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id like to say thanx to the responses i received in trying to solve my laptop problem , the dc/ dc invertor board came in today and i just finished replacing it

low and behold it lives agan

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