Sound setting when playing CD's


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Sound setting when playing CD's

Anyone know why I can't adjust my sound settings (bass, treble) when playng a CD on the computer? If I play wav's or MP3's, the equalizers work just fine. For some reason, playing CD-Audio the controls have no effect.
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Is this a software or hardware equalizer? If it's software, then its because the cd player jumps right to your soundcard interface bypassing any software (other then volume control) The only way I can think of for changing the sound from a music cd is through the soundcard settings. For instance my creative live! lets me change the type of sound coming from the cd player (hallway, concert hall, rock, etc.) but has no equalizer that will let me adjust bass or treble. I have to do that on the center speaker controls.


p.s. BUT if I use winamp to play the cd's win amp's eq will let me adjust the sound. go figure. take that back, does nothing if i mess with the EQ.
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Cool SB Live!

Now my SB Live! has Bass, treble as well as surround settings. I was going to recomend Winamp too. It may have an effect on his sound. Those of us with the SB cards dont need it so I have never tried it (Winamp) although I used WA I never tried to adjust bass and treble. Give Wianmap a try, bet it works...
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I also have an SB Live card. And, I use Winamp as well. The software equalizer on Winamp has no effect on the sound output.

Are there some settings I should try with the software that came with the SB card? Maybe I've go the thing hooked up wrong. I do know that I connected the CD-Audio cable forn the CDROM players directly to the SB card...maybe that's what's wrong?
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Cool Audio

If you have an SB Live then you have a full featured audio control center. Look under the Creative list in Programs. If you don't see it then get your Creative disk out and install Audio Headquarters. Do you have any way to adjust your surround sound or room features? If not you dont have the software fully installed.

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