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modem question

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01-05-02, 12:34 PM   #1  
modem question

Is there a difference between modem brands? I'm thinking of buying a us robodics for a computer that I am building. Let me know your option.

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01-06-02, 08:27 AM   #2  
yep. stick with your choice, will be happy. If you can, get the standard modem and not the win-modem.


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01-06-02, 09:14 AM   #3  
I'll second that.

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01-07-02, 01:48 PM   #4  
Might also look for one with an "on-board" controller; supposed to help performance.

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01-07-02, 06:54 PM   #5  
I agree, I would stay away from winmodem or win "anything!" LOL, but I do know that motorola has given me a lot of satisfaction. Watch out for imitations especially over the net, but a good motorola should not steer you wrong. US Robotics has been in the game for a while too, and I haven't seen one fail as of yet. I've seen things like "Windows" fail, but not the modem.
Good luck.

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01-08-02, 06:37 AM   #6  
While I do believe that name brand modems probably work better, I've never had any problems using any type of modem, from the $150 3Com to the $15 no-name. They all worked the same to me. The main difference is if you get a "cheap" modem, don't loose the driver disk. They can be a pain to find, and don't expect support. Then again, you can replace your modem every year and still be cheaper then the name brand. I personally like ZOOM modems. They are not as expensive as 3COM or other name brands, and they work perfectly. I've had 4 of them, and none of them ever broke down. I actually prefer an ISA modem, but I had to give that away (after 3 years of use) since my new MB doesn't have any ISA slots. That and the fact that XP doesn't support ISA.

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01-17-02, 09:25 AM   #7  
The Soulgirl
If your going to use your modem for internet connection never get an internal. They will always cut you off for no reason.

3Com are very good, reliable modems but again, make sure you get a "voice fax modem" for compatibility with most software out there.

The bigger names also tend to have better aftersales support such as updated drivers to cover new OS releases.

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01-17-02, 09:54 AM   #8  
I've been using a Zoom internal modem for 5 years (first ISA, then PCI), and I don't remember the last time I got disconnected. Yet I have friend who use the same modem as mine, and get disconnected almost once an hour. I think it's more of an ISP problem, then a modem problem. If you use AOL, or Compuserve, be prepared to be disconnected. Also, if you have call waiting, disable it before you dial. My modem will ignore the beep even if it's not disabled, but some modems (including USRobotics will promptly disconnect you. ) I think you should never get the least expensive unit you can buy (unless you have to), but you shouldn't get the most expensive either. There are many non-brand name modems out there which are as good as the brand names, and yet cost less then half the price. Of course, I assume you go the dial-up way only becase you can't get a DSL or cable line to your house.... anything is better then dial-up. I have a DSL line at home, and when I have to travel and use the modem... it is a big difference.

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