Need ur Help!!!!!


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Unhappy Need ur Help!!!!!

I want to move a huge amount of data (i.e in gigs) from one remote server to another remote server.And i don't have telnet access.
Moreover i don't want to stay connected to internet all the time while the transfer is takin place.
Does anybody know a tool that can be useful to me ??
Any help in this regard would be sincerly appreciated..
Eagerly awaiting u r response

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Re: Need ur Help!!!!!

Unless these servers are connected on the same LAN. Then your options are...

1. burn them onto a cd , each cd holds about 650 megs, or other storage device like a zip drive.

2. transfer by the internet (perhaps with the use of an ftp program) but you must be connected to the internet for the entire transfer period, and unless you have an high speed conenction, forget it.

3. Copy to another hard drive and physically take the hard to the other server to copy the material.

Burning to cd I beleive is the easiliest option
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If both of the servers have SCSI adapters you can also go with a JAZZ drive.
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What I would recommend is install an IDE drive of the right size. If you have servers you probably have some computers laying around also. Even if you don't have a spare, you can buy a 20G drive for less then $100, install it on the server or in any networked computer if it's easier, copy the files you need, and then do the reverse at the other location. It's much faster and in my opinion easier then burning it on CDs. I've seen files much bigger then 650 Mb.
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Got it

Got it guys.Thanks Anyway.

I happened to come across a site
this site may not be perfect but it does serve the purpose of transfer of data from one remote server to another. And it is unbelieveably fast.
Morover one does not have to be connected to internet all the time while transferring data.
Just fire commands & go away.
Yet in the background all ur commands will be processed.

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It all depends on how much data you have to transfer, how fast your connection is, and how quickly you have to send it.

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