AT power, ATX m-board?


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AT power, ATX m-board?

Would like to put together a computer for my daughter from parts I have . Is there any way to mount ATX m-board in old AT case. I know the power supplie interfaces do not match. Is there such a thing as an adapter for this situation or has anyone heard of a way to rig the AT psu onto ATX board?
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I don't believe that's possible. I suppose you could try to get a ATX power connector, and run the AT lines to it, but I really don't think it will work. The last time I check the ATX power connector has more lines then the AT. Regarding the case, some cases will accept both a AT and ATX motherboard, you may just have to change the plate on the back. If there is a plate, then you could probably put an ATX MB. If not, not likely, unlesss you enjoy working with sharp metal.
Either way, I recommend you spend the $50 and get yourself a new case which comes with an ATX supply.
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Gary Tait
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an ATX supply is more complex. In addition to a soft on, an
ATX supply also provides 3.3V. To modify the case for
ATX would take a lot of metal work, and it could get ugly.

You might be better off getting a cheap ATX case and P/S
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Thanks for the info - really appreciate it. Looking for a used one.

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