extra hard drive


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extra hard drive

I have just bought a 60gb hard drive and would like to make it my primary with my old drive as a backup. Am a little knowlegable but still a novice. I am running windows 98se.Could anyone give me a step by step?
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Put the new drive in as a slave.
Get Ghost software which has been mentioned in the forum several times. (use the search function)
Ghost the contents from the old drive to the new
Switch the drive jumpers so that the new drive is master and the old drive is slave.

Doing a direct copy from Windows using drag and drop may not work because if certain system files are in use you may not be able to copy them. If you do it from a Dos boot disk hidden files may not copy unless you do a lot of research on the option settings.

If you want a fresh start just put the new drive in as a master and switch the old drive to slave and reinstall Windows.
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It also depends on which brand of hard drive you have. Both Maxtor and Western Digital provide a disk imaging utility, but it will onlly work with their hard drive (either the new or the old have to be that brand). You can download that from their website.
However, I would recommend you take out the Win98CD, and reinstall everything from scratch. It will take longer, but you will get a clean system. Windows tends to "decay" as time goes by.
Don't forget, after you get everything on the new drive, format the old drive, and run a scandisk (with surface checking) on it.
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Once you get the new drive installed, put the old drive in as slave, have the new clean build look to your old drive and retrieve your email, settings, favorites etc. Then format “D:\” drive and use it for storage. Or don’t. Once you get your info off delete the WIN9X directory and you will get that drive space back. Having Windoze on the second drive causes no problem because the machine boots from the “C” drive (or A:\ w/disk).
Format the new drive before you install Windoze on it. Use your 98 boot floppy, boot to A:\> prompt. Type “fdisk” (w/out “”) next, type “format c:” <Enter>. Next type “Y” for Yes. After it formats and asks for a name either hit enter or give it a name like “Primary”. Shut down, re-boot with the floppy still in the drive. When text comes up, select “Install with CD ROM support” (#3 I believe). Computer loads CD drivers, at the A:\> prompt type <D:\setup>. And Win 98 will clean install. Install new drive as “Master” and do it first then install the second “Slave” jumpered HDD.
You may want to go get your video, sound card drivers on floppy. Saves a lot of time. 98 SE has quite a few drivers but the OEM is the best.
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If you do use ghost make sure you read and fully understand the copy options. Since I don't use ghost on a daily basis I always have to play with it for a few hours until I get the ghost function I want. One of the options will make the 60Gb drive the same size as your smaller and theres nothing you can do but fdisk it and loose the copy.


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