Loss of internet activity during dial up session


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Loss of internet activity during dial up session

Hi, Hope you can help.
I have recently had trouble online with a Dialup connetion.
Info: Gateway 450 w/256 Ram,Netscape 4.78,56K Voice winmodem,3dfx Banshee video card, Win98 SE,DUN 1.4,Norton antivirus

I have had this system for 3 years with no trouble in this area, but after making a connection and starting to load a page(any page) It will stop loading and I can not get any more data,mail or anything. At first I thought just close Netscape,no luck.Log off and redial, No Luck. The only way at first was to reboot... Then I tried to use Hyper Term to dial the gateway server. That seems to "reset" the modem and then I can redial my ISP. This is still the only way I can get going when this happens , several times a day. I get no error messages. I have tried to update modem drivers but to no avail. I did update to Netscape 4.78 from 4.72 no difference.I do not drop the connection, it just doesn't work. Any help would be great.
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TCP/IP stack may be corrupt. You sound knowlegable so get into Network settings and remove the current TCP/IP setup and re-install it. If that doesn't work my suggestion is to dump that WinModem and get a good USR 56k PCI modem. WinModems are just low on the totem pole and are known for problems. But I would try the stack first and see what happens. You may even want to go as far as re-installing the entire client and go from there.

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