Computer disconnects frequently.


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Angry Computer disconnects frequently.

I need to know why my computer disconnects all the time while I'm in the middle of typing, playing an online game, etc. I may have "just" connected and in a minute or so, it disconnects and I have to start all over again!! What can I do to stop it.??

Thanks Sparkys
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It might have something to do with you ISP or it could be that incoming calls on a call waiting line are breaking the connection. I have compuserve which uses the same servers as AOl and it is a common problem for me. One thing I do to lesson the frustration is to type into an email and then cut and paste to the forum or wherever. As mail remains on the screen on a disconnect, you'll have saved yourself alot of typing and thinking once you reconnect........
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Cool Noise

There could be noise on the line that you cannot hear but the computer/modem can. Could be spikes, noise from a cordless phone, bad wire, corrupt TCP Stack, modem going bad, a fluorescent lite going bad, the freezer kicing on in the kitchen and spikeing the AC… You neglected to give us any information about your system so I cannot even guess till I know what you have. Modem maker? How old? Did this just start? Are you running a long “Patch” for the phone line? Are you in an apartment or house? Apartment may have cheap wiring, a house you can route your own wire to the interface on the side of the house. Have you called Bell and had the line tested for noise? They could have recently done some work on the line and are causing problems. When you talk on the phone do you hear popping? Scratching? What type of OS is running? 98? 95? ME?...
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search in your browser for$19.95 a year.......mine did that all the time too, with this program installed, less than 10% of former "disconnects".....
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Cool What?

Sorry some program is not the answer. The reason why it is doing this is. Why throw money at something when the fix is at your finger tips. I bet Sparkys is using AOL, there is the problem right there. AOL's servers are crap! No software is not the answer, finding out where the breakdown is...
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Try this:
This increases the time-out for modem connection
Click Start and choose Settings + Control Panel. Double-click the Modem icon. Click Properties. Click the Connection tab. Click Advanced. In the Extra Settings text box, type "S10=50" (without the quotation marks). Click OK; then click OK again. Click Close.

This new setting forces your modem to remain online for as long as five seconds without being connected to a carrier, which often gives the modem enough time to reestablish the connection.

Test for ISP:
This only works on Windows 95 OSR2 or Windows 98. If you are still using the original (first) version of Windows 95, you must install the Microsoft's ISDN Accelerator Pack 1.1. Next, click on Start - Run, type sysmon, and then click OK. From the System Monitor window, click Edit then Add Item. Click Dial-Up Networking Adapter, and then from the right-pane select Framing Errors and Timeout Errors.

Dial your ISP and go to the Internet as usual. See information that appears in the System Monitor. Too many time-out errors means your ISP failed to respond to the data signal at times. Too many framing errors means your modem and ISP modem has basic communications problems or protocol mismatches. If you have more than one ISP, you can use this information to select the better ISP.

As far as the phone lines are concerned, as long as you have a wire, you should stay connected. Last year my lines were down to nothing, and for about a month, I had inside phone going down the road a 1/4 of a mile to my neighbors pole, lying in the road and in the ditch. I had so much noise, we couldn't here what the other person on the line was saying, but my computer could. My connection was a quick 1200 bps; but I was connected consistently, and uninterrupted. With the help of the above.

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Exclamation Modem disconnecting problems.

Had that problem myself too. Finally figured out the winmodem provided by compaq was sending garbage info to my dial up ISP whenever system resources fell below 70%. Run as few applications as possible while online. This also applies to programs running in the "system tray". Icons in the lower right corner of screen. Winmodems rely on your computers CPU processing power to perform computational functions that are performed by on board circuitry on high end modems such as the US Robotics 5695 Voicemodem. Once I replaced my winmodem with the listed hardware based modem my dropped connection problems stopped.
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Disable Call Waiting?

sparkys, If you have call waiting you need to disable it in Internet Options because if a call comes in while online you probably will get bumped off.....Mike
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In addition to mikejmerritts suggestion, other self-help click solutions: ensure that IE [browser] and Outlook or [mail program] have not enabled disconnect settings. Both share connection status. Lower modem speed & deselect connect only at this speed. Enable a modem log for appending.

IE >Tools >Options >Connection >Settings >Advanced deselect both disconnect options.

Outlook >Tools >Options >Connection deselect hang up after sending or receiving. Note: check for new messages every minute [General Tab] performs a similar function to third party spyware-stay-connected-hackers-paradise-programs, but omits additional modem strings. Ensure "Connect only when not working offline" is selected also.

Lowering the modem speed to 57600 or less may keep you connected. Change both settings: networking connectoid and within the modem properties in control panel. They should agree.

The following article shows how to enable and despiser some portions of a modem log.;EN-US;q142730

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