are some computer brands faster than others?


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are some computer brands faster than others?

Like dell compaq HP gateway or a genaric.
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Not really. It all depends on what the specs are. If you take the same machine produced by gateway and dell the speed of both machines are relatively the same. The more junk they load for you before shipping is what really matters. I like minimalist setups (as few programs as possible running in the background).

From what I have seen most manufactures like to really load up the machines. This can result in a performance drop.

If you go generic you get what you pay for, more then likely they use all generic hardware as well.

Now if you really what a BAD pc take the $$$ you were going to spend on that nice new dell and build your own. For about the same money or a little less you get put together a top of the line pc that will smoke. Not to mention the fact you know exactly what is in it. and you get to load only what you want and nothing else.

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There is no difference in the overall speeds of the systems from different manufactures, however I would have to disagree about the overall costs unless you have some great access to Cheap quality parts on the net as well as an extensive software collection at home, its tough to beat a prebuilt system on overall cost. Grant it most of the preinstalled software is garbage and just wastes space, but unless you already own a licence to an OS and important software like Word, ect. It can get very expensive in a hurry.

If this is your first system or you are replacing a dinosaur system with outdated software...go already built and Format that sucker out of the box and reload just the stuff you intend on using. Also avoid systems with integrated components on the Motherboard especially video and modem...Sound would be about the only thing that I would tolerate integrated on a motherboard and that is only because I seldom have sound running anyway. Also shop warrenties...they are almost more important then the components nowadays with the tweaked out, more performance, less money parts on the market.

Im sure if you ask around, you will get many people's opinion on this matter. This is just another one *grins*
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I would never buy a "ready made" pc from anyone, especially Del.. You can build a steaming rig with half the money one of those costs...
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There's cases in which you can't touch the price of a pre-built machine, even if you have all of the software. But at the same time, there's nothing like the satisfaction you get knowing that you built this computer, and it works. I can still remember my "exilaration" after I pressed the power button on my first "home built", and I saw the the BIOS screen on the monitor. Basically, if you are relatively handy with fixing your own problems, and working inside the computer, go and build your own. If you don't know anything other then turn on the computer, browse the web and such don't even try, it may look easy, but if something doesn't go right it can get messy pretty quickly.
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You quite right there... sorry, I was speaking from my point of view as usual... I must take into consideration those that arent so aufait!
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I get carried away sometimes also...
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There can be differences in computers with the same processor speed. The buss speed and amount of memory can make drastic differences. This may not be an issue with major brand competitors but it could be an unfortunate surprise from a local builder who trying to off load.
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What was the original question again? Graphity kind of makes things go astray it seems. If your wanting parts, just start talking to people. I know a guy who bought his 4th computer and all of old ones are in the basement as junk to him. I'm trying to talk him into giving them to me for a little of nothing. Upgrade where I have to and such.
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Actually, I think there are differences between similar systems from different makers.

If you take into consideration price, speed, and support, they will all differ in one way or another. The choice you have to make is what is more important to you. If I were to buy a PC, I think I would pick Dell. I don't like Compaq, HP, or Micron, and I absolutely hate Gateway as their system architecture is cheap and some programs don't work on them correctly.

If you check out PC World (, every month they do comparisons between different manufacturers of like systems based on performance systems, budget systems, etc. I think they break down the competition rather niceley, and I trust their reviews and opinions. Check out the below:,pg,2,00.asp

In the comparison between Intel and AMD systems, I think AMD spanks the pants off of Intel. You can't beat the price for the performance AMD gives you. The money you save on an AMD system as opposed to an Intel, you can spend on upgrading your sound, video, monitor, and/or other goodies. Also, there has been some awsome leaps and bounds in the AMD world of mainboard speeds and options.
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AMD is awesome, but runs hotter than Intel. Need to take that into consideration when you build your system. Plan for ample ventilation.

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