some cd's will not auto run(error reading)


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Unhappy some cd's will not auto run(error reading)

I am a newbie with my putor,,i tinker alot with it lately,,,some disney cd's will not autorun,,,,hade's challenge 4 1,,,(error reading in drive E????? i take out and clean cd still no go) I try 3,4times set up error comes up) i try control panel=add/remove=install/uninstall now when i CLICK INSTALL (page will freeze) is my cd-rom going bad,,,,I have pen2,,COMPAQ win98) played all cd's before ????????
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Cool Explorer

Can you access the CD from Windoze Explorer? The CD optics could be dirty. How old is the unit? Try a cleaner from Wally World. All they actually do is spin and blow air over the optics. Is it only Disney CD's?
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CD AutoRun

Here is a technique I use alot mainly because most CD's are still manufactured to spin at a lower speed than the drives on the market within the last two years. Also Disney or any other childrens games give the most trouble. First put the cd in the drive. When it starts spinning go to my computer and right-click on the cd drive itself. In the options it gives you explore. This will give you direct access to the cd. Next keep the window open and go to your desktop and create an empty folder there. After that go back to the explorer window and go to the top of the window and click edit and in the pulldown click select-all. Then you right click on the selected items and copy to the folder on your desktop. Now that the contents are also in the folder on your computer you can install from there. Keep the cd in the drive cause sometimes games have copy-protection and need to see the cd in the drive to install. This method is especially usefull when loading older games that spin to fast in the cd to autorun.

Good luck
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Unhappy some cd's will not run?????

found out daughter deleted games, aol,stuff in folders 2 make room 4 kazaa music site,which was going from free music 2 pay,,like napster i guess,,so games in putor will autorun,,any ting else will not....ex.quickrestore cd, new x-mas cd's,new games ,,thanx bigmike&lost boy

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