486dx Packard Bell Computer


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486dx Packard Bell Computer

When I boot up the computer, I get a message that says cannot find file. It also can't find cd rom when I try to run one. Have tried to redo settings but doesn't help. I have lost initial cd to restore the system which might fix it but even then the cd rom is not working. It's an old computer, the kind with the hard-drive built into the monitor. It's slow but I don't need much speed.
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Cool Jeez

Name of computer? Any information about it at all? This could be a MAC. In any case we need more than this to go on. Like going to your mechanic and saying your car wont start... What kind of car?
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I am thinking maybe the IDE cable. But I don't know what the PB innards look like, whether the IDE controller was on board or a separate card. Either way, since it sounds like both the CD and hard drive are not working, I would reseat the controller card (if there is one) and the cables to both drives. On that computer, it is not going to be worth a lot of time to fix it.
I can't picture the hard drive in the monitor, is it the floppy? Did PB do that? So many questions, so little time!
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Never seen a PC with the hard drive in the monitor! Only Mac!

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You didn't mention OS but I assume its Win95? (maybe 3.1?) Anyway, an issue on that vintage of computer is that they still needed to load RealMode CD-ROM drivers in the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files. The driver may have been corrupted. One way to check is to go into the BIOS and see if it detects your CD-ROM. If it shows up in the IDE configuration section then it may be the drivers. If you suspect its the CD-ROM Driver let us know and we can direct you to sites that have the .sys files for your particular drive.
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If you are really still using that Packard Bell 486 DX, it is time to upgrade. Your local computer store would probably give you another 486 just to get rid or it. I paid $25 for one 3 years ago and a dollar for one two years ago.
The 72 pin SIMM memory is worth more than the computer. Sad but true.

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