Can't detect mouse


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Can't detect mouse

Today when I booted up my computer, I got a message that the computer is not detecting a mouse. I checked the connection on the back of the computer and everything was secure. I rebooted the computer and got the same message. I thought there might be a problem with the mouse so I put a different mouse on the computer, and after rebooting, the computer did not detect that one either. Both of these mice are serial and thus are connected to my serial port. I went into the device manager and noticed that under the "PORTS" section of device manager, I do not have a communications port (COM1) just the printer port. I think that this might be the problem. Maybe for some reason the computer is not recognizing the serial port. I also tried using the detect new hardware button, but this did not recognize the mouse either. I am using a serial mouse and am running windows 98 SE. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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First, go into the BIOS and make sure the serial port is enabled. It usually has an Auto setting. If it is, and you have 2 serial ports, switch the mouse to the other port and see if it works. If still not working, play with the settings for the COM port in the BIOS (change the IRQ and such). If still doesn't work, invest in a PS2 or USB mouse. The serial port may have died.
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Happened to me as well, Win98SE. (On wife's PC, mine knows I got a sledgehammer and ain't afraid to use it!)
Have you used MSCONFIG to prevent some programs from loading? If so (and this is ugly), remove mouse in Device Manager and reset MSCONFIG to 'Normal' boot. Restart PC. Usually finds mouse at bootup. After restart, go back and turn off unwanted apps.
Hope this helps.

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