system freezeup


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system freezeup

Occasionally, my computer will simply freeze up. Hitting control, alt, delete to end task will sometimes work. Most of the time, I have to unplug the computer. This seems to happen mostly after it has been inactive (but on). After this period of inactivity, I will also get a message stating "not enough memory, shut down other programs" and nothing else is up. I have a fairly new Compaq with Windows ME and a dsl connection. Help!!
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I had a similar problem, although it was Win2k. In addition to my DSL connection, I had the phone line (through a filter) plugged into the 'normal' modem. Two reasons, one was we went through a unreliable patch with the DSL, and second, I thought that I would get everything set up for faxing (haven't gotten to that yet).
Anyway, every once in a while, I would go to the computer, and it was locked up. Finally it happened again, while I was sitting there. It happened when the phone rang (but not every time). Since I disconnected the modem, it has not happened again.
The low memory thing is more worrying. Since you have a DSL link do you have a firewall of some sort? With that connection always there it is possible for thing to happen that you may not have any way on easily knowing about (I am not real paranoid about this, but I do know that it happens.) I think that Zone Alarm still lets individual users use it for free. I have had it for quite a while, and it does detect pings and such, and stop the computer from responding. I know that most of these are not malicious, but why take a chance. I am also runnning the anti virus, and mailwatcher products that Computer Associates used to provide free. Now they want you to pay, but they will support the free installations (updates quite regularly) for as long as you have them. I don't know the cost, but I would recommend looking into them, unless you already have something running.
I don't know if this will help, but ME is supposed to be reasonbly stable, and should not be crashing if nothing is happening.
Has it ever locked up when you are doing something?

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Shot in the Dark....

girlbuilder, Win ME is a resource hog and my first thought is lack of resources. The only way to restore them is a reboot. If they drop below a certain level expect a freeze and they will be dropping every minute the PC is on. These resources are in no way related to RAM which on this system being new you probably have plenty of. If you need to get an understanding of startup and resources here is a good link to do that...Mike
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You may also have a program that leaks memory. Load in "safe" mode (only load windows compoenets, do this by running MSCONFIG, and unselect everything). See if the problem will occur again. I've seen this problem occur, but only after extended use, and numerous program open/close cycles. Medial player likes to do this, and so does IE. In all cases it was an application issue, not a OS issue. Although a better OS would help.
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Unless ME is different from Win98 unchecking everything in msconfig would yield an unbootable machine. If you are unsure whether or not a specific program should be disabled, click to clear any check boxes except the following:

a. ScanRegistry
b. SystemTray
c. LoadPowerProfile (Usually twice)
d. TaskMonitor

These entries are not located in the Startup folder because they are compiled from the registry. There are seven (six, if the initial Welcome screen is disabled) entries added by Win98 Setup and on the Startup tab by default and I assume ME would be likwise. Any additional entries are either added to the registry or to the Startup folder when installing other programs.

A system can develop resource leaks at any time in particular after a new program install and if you fear this anomoly try Langa Resources Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4.

I really think to start with I would get a handle on startup items....Mike

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