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Christopher Erger
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Email attachment

I sometimes get e-mails with an attachment that I can't
open. It seems to end in .ema. Anyone know how to
open this. TIA
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Forcefully open it: save to disk, rename to a known filename extension, "file type" in Windows (ie: DOC, TXT). OR after saving to disk enter "Type Drive:\folder_path\filename.ext | more" minus the quotes at the DOS command prompt. substitute A: B: C: D: etc. for Drive: By using DOS you'll determine if the file contains legible text or not.

You can't open it now, because you don't have the program that registers .ema as a file type. To find out what that program is you could ask the sender or look it up in one of the many filename extension definition pages on the web.
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Cool IE

Also you might try saving it to a folder like Pictures in My Documents. If you are running Windoze ME especialy you can right click the saved file after using the “Save As” command from the right click function and select "Open With". Select Internet Explorer at least for now. IE will open alomst everything. Now 2000 I am not knocking your advise at all! You are one of them sharp young'uns I mention so often, but some folks just dont get DOS and if they don't get it the can really blow it! Boy I can remember my first uses of DOS years ago, deleted things that were a no, no etc. So that being said, using the “Save As” command in the right click functions will accomplish the same thing and keep you from a possible screw up in DOS.
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Chaley Weaver said it all.
Mike (an old ex-airborne infantry Special Forces type in my younger and even dumber days) LOL
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Cool UH-1H

I had a sargent in the Army at Ft. Rucker, AL. in UH-1H school that said there are two things that fall out of the sky... Bird $#!% and Fools. There's no reason to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft...
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Bigmike, young'uns is a high complement. I'm still laughing!

I fathom and yield. Of course, those introduced to computers with windows as their frame of reference should revert to what they feel most comfortable with.

But, contrary to popular believe wild mouse clicks can be just as damaging, if not more so, than deliberately entering command input. How many have you pulled from a steep self inflicted decline. The few DOS commands I offer as alternative means are generally recognized as safe, and the correct syntax is readily available at the command prompt: Command Name /?

Is everyone using a clickable keyboard or voice software to write letters, or what? Have we sunk that low? What's next, icons to substitute for characters of the alphabet. If people don't "get" the offering of an alternate means,. oh well....

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