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laptop display

Hi all

have a compaq 1592dt laptop, that has the problem of the screen going crazy sometimes, it blanks out then comes on line again. the promblem goes away if you open a new window, anyway seems like it may be a short? as moving or tappinp the screen may correct it.

before i attempt to open the unit, any advice would be great.

kind regards

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One thing to check before openning up the case is the display settings. Check the Screen Save Tab and at the bottom should be the Energy Star Settings. It may be that your computer is trying to go to sleep before it should. Compaq may also have some energy saving features built in with both software settings and bios settings. Again, your problem may be that your laptop is a little to enthusiastic about saving energy and cleaning up the environment.
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I agree with mrhoadar. Your energy saving features might be set to aggressively. Try them first before taking anything apart.
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Cool Knowlege

Hey Jamie unless you have better than average knowlege of electronics I would not advise cracking the case of a laptop! Super small wires, ribbon cables that are delicate, snap tight connectors the open very easy but are not noticable, not to mention static electricity. Even a small chage that you may not feel the CPU or memory may. Before you do let us know and one of us will adivse on how to procede. A few of these young guys here are very sharp and between them and us old farts we will figure it out
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Thanks to All, will probe into settings, and will let you know.


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yeah, sounds like a loose connection if tapping makes it come back online,,,i work on these things all the time, and like someone said before,,i would not attempt it if you dont know what you are call compaq and find the nearest service center.....where ya located?
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yes, settings have made no change.

Perth, Australia if anyone knows of a good price repair centre.


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Cool Call

Call them, they will be able to tell you where to go If there is no repair station there you may have to send to?

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