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we recently had cable(broadband) internet service installed. The cable company grounded their system to the electrical ground on out water pipe.We have since then have "stripes or lines on our lower number TV stations(we have digital cable) I have checked the grounding wire,replaced two dimmer swithes ,any other suggestions?
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Not really. The ground is a must, the “Noise” you see is indicative of cable TV. I have seen these phenomena across the country. Call the cable company, make them come out and run a test on the line, anything under say 7 or 8 db of signal is too low and needs to be amplified by THEM not you. Is this happening on more than one TV? First thing out of their mouths is “It’s your TV causing the lines”. Also make sure all the connections are tight and crimped properly. Connections out doors should be water proofed. The connector they use should be waterproof but you could spray them with a silicone spray, dry them off and use liquid black tape or such to seal them. DO NOT REMOVE THAT GROUND! With that ground off you most certainly get a spike to your set. The best way around this is satellite TV. Crystal clear picture, all channels are digital stereo and 600 plus channels. Except of course when there are heavy storm clouds in the area, usually no more than a few minutes, or heavy snow on the dish. I kick myself everyday for installing my dish on top of the house to keep the grand kids, nieces and nephews etc away from it. Moving it this weekend closer to the ground, just shorten the leash on the kids You can keep the internet just do away with the TV portion. Look into DSL. I have a bad feeling about any company (Excite) that is making a few hundred million dollars a month and can't stay in business!
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A few other things,

Definitely call the cable company. To keep hackers of the systems the cable company actually blocks signals in some areas. When they take the block off the signals can interfere with reception.

Did you also get a router for DSL and Cable modems after you got the cablel modem? Networking equipment has been known to mess up pictures more than vacum cleaners. Try unplugging it and the cable modem to see if your picture improves.

Try and isolated grounding rod for the cable TV line. A bit extream I know but as a last resort it may be your only option.

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