Printing problems


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Printing problems

Have Dell 8100 computer with windows Me. My Epson 777 Printer has worked great for over a year now. All of sudden when I go to print it won't work and I get an error message. I have Adobe Acrobat installed and when you go can't print with it, it won't work either (e.g. print an adobe pdf file). The Adobe icons show up in the Printers area of windows the same as the epson icon.
Have tried the windows printer trouble shooting with no luck. However, as part of the trouble shooting I was asked to try to print from MS Dos window command prompt, this worked but did not lead to a solution to the windows printing problem. Have also tried the Microsoft Website recommended fixes. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, Herb
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For starters. Goto Start/setting/printer and check if the Epson is marked as default......If it works your good to go if not then someone with more know how should be along shortly to advice.
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Thanks have tried it checked as default printer and unchecked. The part that bothers me is that the software printers (Adobe Acrobat & Win Fax) are behaving the same way as the epson printer - not recognized by printing software, word, etc or even the windows printer test.
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Cool Printer

Remove the printer. Start, Settings, Printers, Right click the Epson printer and “Remove” it. Close out. Go to Start, Settings, Printers “Add Printer” and reinstall the printer. Evidently the printer drivers became corrupt. It happens…
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Printer problem

Hey, just for the heck of it check the plug in the back of the printer and computer. This was happening on our computer once and we went through all the troubleshooting things and thats what it turned out to be........ Its worth a look. Good Luck.
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Big Mike and Toni,
Thank you for the suggestions, have tried both, with no luck.
In going through the Windows printer trouble shooting the printer will print from the MS Dos command line. It will also run the printer utilities - it prints from Windows (right click on printer icon, click on properties and click on tab identified as utility). Would appreciate any other suggestions.
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Cool Next

So you removed and re-installed the printer drivers and utilities? Next I would go into Msconfig and shut Adobe off and try to print. Or just remove Adobe and re-start and see if you can print. Do you have the latest Adobe out? Have you checked if the Windoze drivers are all up to date? Other than that I can’t think of anything else. Something is interfering with the printer, Ctrl-Alt- Del and shut down each program until the printer runs…
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Just out of curiosity. What error message are you getting?
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Thanks BigMike and Fri 13

Thank you for your help. Tried everyone's recommendations.
Problem finally cleared up when I reloaded Windows Me operating system (did not reformat, just a reload). Suspect there were some corrupted files. Thanks again.
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Cool Hey

Cheat, cheat, cheat Long as it worked. A dll was missing corrupt who knows. It's Windoze...

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