Can't get rid of past entry on Media Player


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Question Can't get rid of past entry on Media Player

I have a new computer with Windows XP pro, and I have a problem. I watched a few AVIs and when I got done I looked under File on the menu bar and they where all listed there. I tried listening to music and watching other videos, but they won't roll off. How do I get rid of them ?
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Cool Right click

Right click on the song and select “Remove from playlist”.
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Tried that and doesn't do anything. It's not listed in the playlists it's under File on the main menu bar at the very top of the player.
Where you click on file and a drop down menu appears and has Open, Save, Save as.....etc. All apps have the same set up. I'm just not smart enough to get rid of these file entries. Anymore advice ?
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Cool Upgrade

The only other thing I can think of is the player is damaged. Go to upgrades via Windoze Upgrades and install MP 7.0. Or un-install with add remove programs and re-install 7.0.
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Removing file list


This will work with Win ME and 98 and I'm pretty sure it will work with XP.

You can remove the list by editing the Windows Registry. If you haven't done this before, you can really screw things up if you do it wrong.

First......Look under Windows help and read the section on how to back up the registry. Now, back up the registry to a file on the hard drive that you can find later in case you need to restore it.

Next click "Start", then "Run" and type REGEDIT in the space, and click OK.

The program REGISTRY EDITOR will now be running. At the top, on the menu bar, click EDIT and then click FIND. Type in the name of one of the movie files that are on your list, and then click the box FIND NEXT. It will do a search and your list of files should appear in the right hand window. Using the mouse, select the files that you want to remove and then hit the DELETE key. Do not delete the entry that says DEFAULT. When you have deleted the entries, close the editor program. You don't even have to save it, just close it. The next time that you open Media Player, the file list will be gone. If the movie files are on your computer, the files won't be deleted, just the reference to them in the list.

For people that are experienced in editing the registry, the values can be found under:


Post back and let us know if this works.

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Cool Danger

Heed nashcats warning! Be very carefull and watch what you do! The only reason I didn't mention this nash is I didnt want someone to say I messed em up. Thank you for the post though!!!!

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