IBM aptiva w/ bose speakers


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IBM aptiva w/ bose speakers

First off I am not a strong inside computor person.
I get a message that my sound will not play because my sound card is busy. What are some of the things I can check besides the system setup. I have looked at the devices and there does not seem to have any conflicts.
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Do you get this message all the time, or did it just appear recently? Sounds like (no pun intended) something in background is using the soundcard.
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Aptive is consumer line PC. What is the OS? I agree with xiii13; Do you have WinAmp/Jukebox active when you bootup? Shut any music app down, then retry your music.

If your PC has a music application (program) running on bootup and you attemp to use another program without shutting the first one down............ computers do not like sharing components between apps.

My two cents at this time.

P.S. There are ways to stop programs from loading at bootup. Also, when installing new programs READ default settings; maybe you don't want their website as your new home page. LOL

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