Printing E-Mail From AOL


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I can't seem to get the front struts out. I've removed the brake hose bracket and the stabilizer link from the strut. I've taken off the caliper, and tie rod from the knuckle. And I spread the spindle-to-strut pinch joint. I haven't removed the ball joint from the knuckle.
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Printing E-Mail From AOL

Would appreciate help on an annoying problem. When I print e-mail through AOL, I get the following at the bottom of the page or worse still, the system will go to a second page unecessarily and print " Date, AOL CANADA: Username

How can I remove this or at best, keep it all on one page.
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AOL is just about the worse of the software makers and ISPs about wanting to stick there name on everything. (Yes they even put Microsoft to shame.) Hence, you can't get rid of it. However, you can keep it to one piece of paper by only putting one piece of paper in the printer. When you get an error message that you are out of paper cancel the print job.
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I’m curious, can you not select certain parts of the message by click and hold the left mouse button and the select print, in your print options there should be a “Print Selection” command so it will only print that which is highlighted and not the entire message? Down with AOL!

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