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This is one utility which actually works well within Windows 98/ME systems. It's free and what it does is to help manage your computers RAM especially useful if you have lots of windows, applications etc running which means your RAM is being constantly used which can and does slow down your operating system. This utility helps to free up partially used RAM so that the system can run more efficiently.
Read about/download it Here
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What are you trying to say..., isn't memory management an OS task.
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I'm not trying to say anything other than what I've already said, I'm merely recommending a utility which helps sort out the incredibly poor way that Windows 98/ME handles memory, XP on the other hand, handles memory far more efficiently. So for those people who use 98/ME this could possibly be a very useful utility, it helped me out and that's why I posted it here
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Cool Site

I visited this site and only found some type of forum? Never could find the program. I wanted to ck it out. 98.x and ME do not handle memory well, the NTFS format of course does. If you would re-post the link directly to this program and I will definitely give it a perusal...
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Question Link

Odd that, I've just checked the link I posted and it takes you directly to the Free Utilities page of that site and MPower 1.1 is the first utility listed. This Link should take you to the screenshots page of MPower 1.1 where there is also a Download link.
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Heres another one....

I've used Ram Booster for a while and it seems to help a bit but of course is no miracle.....Mike
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Cool Works

Hum, that time went right to it. Thanks Dude... [Tried Ram Booster a long time ago. It was as you say. I found out just max out the ram and if your really running alot of programs then reboot around lunch time.]

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