ibm aptiva speakers, no sound


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Question ibm aptiva speakers, no sound

When I run pc doc and test the sound I get sound out of the speakers but no sound any other time.
Earlyer it was suggested I may have something else running, I do not know how to shut these things down at start up or how to tell if something else is running on the sound card.

My speakers are attached on the monitor with all cables bonded together running down to the cpu. What i belive to be the speaker cable having a purple end with several small pins that plug int the cpu.
In the lower right corner of my screen I have a calendar and what looks to be two monitors, no speaker icon. It used to be when I would turn the knob on the monitor I would get volume control pic on the screen. I do not get that any longer.

OS- 98 over 95 sound card ?? CPU- IBM2140L71 monitor- IBM2128 BIN When I look in the “device driver” I do not have any red or yellow !. When looking at the properties for the speakers it tells me there are no conflicts and seems to be working.

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OK, let's start with a few basics:

1) Aptiva used to ship with powered speakers -- do you have the speakers powered on?

2) Have you turned the VOLUME knob up a bit ?

3) Look in bottom right corner of PC Screen,, see the little picture of a speaker? Do a Right-click once on that speaker icon (picture), a small gray window opens, click on 'Open Volume Controls'. Opens large gray window 'Master Out'. Put check in small white box left of 'Mute' under Mic/Line-in/PC Speaker if listed. Move lever controls up 3/4 (75%) for all catagories. Go to top left corner of the window and click on 'OPTIONS' and click 'Exit'. NOW, do you hear music from your CD/MP3/WAV ???

4) If this PC is under warranty- call IBM/Aptiva support!!!!

Lotsa luck.
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Cool 95 or 98?

OS? Sound card type, model, name? CPU? Right click “My Computer” Left click “Properties” Look in “Device Manager”. Is there a yellow or red “!” next to the sound device?
Have you tried to re-install the drivers/software? Does the sound card software have it's own sound volume as well as windows? Have you got the modem setup as a voice modem?
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Click self-help: >Start >Help >Index "sound", "troubleshooting" - sbs quiz/solution. Troubleshooting help varies with Windows version. [varies]: >Start >Settings >Control Panel >Sounds - quick check: various sounds enabled as "None".

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