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I have a Compaq Presario 5461 with a AMD-K6 3D processor. I would like to upgrade the microprocessor. Does anybody know what the biggest processoris that I can upgrade to. Can you also tell me about any other parts I might need and how to go about changing the processor.

One more thing, I ask alot of questions on DO IT Yourself in many diffrent forums and would just like to say thank you to everybody that answered my questions.

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I would say replace the MB and CPU. Putting a faster processor in that thing is just a waste of money. You can get a decent CPU/MB combo for less then $200, and the RAM is very cheap right now, in case you can't use the old one.
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If you stay with amd-k6 550 is the fastest you can get, wether or not it will post at 550 is another story. All depends on your fsb (front side bus) speed, and the cpu multipliers availible.

See the following chart for additional help:



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